Review for Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods

Review for Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods

Shiver Point It Came From The Woods by Gabriel Dylan, Group of kids pointing to the sky where a meteor passes, monsters, scary, horror, mysteryA superexciting book featuring monsters, friendship, and more! What a ride!

😍 I love how the book immediately jumps into the action. Something has crashed in the woods near town and it was great fun how the kids found themselves on the same spot trying to figure out what was going on! And things got so scary!
😍 The town itself! While it does seem to be stuck in the 90s, it does sound like a lot of fun and I would definitely want one of those shakes!
😍 The characters. We don’t just get one POV, we get it from the whole group of kids. From Alex to Mo to Sophia to Riley to Oli. I have to say that Oli was my least favourite, but the other kids were great, Alex and Riley being my favourites. I loved getting to know them more with their POVs and see their thoughts on the spooky things that were going on. Despite so many POVs I felt that each had their own voice and you could clearly distinguish between them.
😍 Alex especially had a lot of growth. He has just started living in Shiver Point and he is not that much into making friends for reasons. He is not happy with where he is. And we see him figure things out as the story continues. See him reconsider the no-friends policy.
😍 On that note, I would love a treehouse just like Riley has!
😍 The cover! Yup, I got to mention it. It is a fun cover!
😍 The illustrations (of tree branches) when each new chapter begins~
😍 The monster/the slugs. BOY, that was terrifying. The slugs maybe not so, well until they are up your nose and controlling your brain and making you eat catfood (yes, really). But that monster? That can just slip and slide into the tiniest cracks and make an appearance? That will hunt you because yum yum children? It was wonderfully written and I was terrified. Thanks author! 😍 The mystery! Because the kids know something is wrong and I loved finding out more and more about what is going on. From something spooky in the woods to mysterious things happening in the town to catfood being stolen to dark smudges of slugs here and there and adults acting weird. It was well-written and I was eager to find out more of what was going on.
😍 The last part of the book was just one rollercoaster of wellllll no thank you, haha. It was so exciting and scary and awesome and I loved every bit of it.

I need more of this series and I am delighted that it seems that more books are coming out! YES! Bring me! I could always use a new MG/Children series full of spooky stuff~

Star rating, 5 stars

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