Review for The Spaces in Between

Review for The Spaces in Between

The Spaces Between by James Preller and Kevin Keele, Boy and girl and dog running away from something, mystery, scaryThe second book in the series, will our family be able to get out? Or will they be stuck forever?

😍 It was as if we haven’t left! But given that they have been trying for a while to get away (that poor dad) it was a bit later. But I could just hop step into the story. I was right back where I left.
😍 I loved that the family was able to find out that they were able to visit the town. The at least is something I guess. I mean, they are still stuck and that absolutely sucks, but at least they wouldn’t be 100% stuck at a small space. They could get groceries. They could go visit a vet or a doctor.
😍 Again the blend of comics with normal chapters just made my heart so happy. I love the art style so I was looking forward to those comic pages.
😍 Meeting new people, which included some peeps who are a big fan of Scooby Doo! They were a bit weird at times, but for most I really liked them. They were so nice and I loved how they were around Willow and Ash.
😍 I am sorry, but I already had a feeling, but I can see even more sparks here with Willow and Kristoff. I am a bit on the fence about it (given Kristoff mostly), but I also wouldn’t mind seeing them get closer.
😍 On that note, I still don’t trust him entirely (I mean, his mom is THAT so what does that make him? Plus, we still know so little about him.) but I do like his character for most and I am kinda hoping we find out more about him and his family. What happened to them. Hopefully in the next book we learn more!
😍 I loved that we got some more hints on Mr. Do. What happened to him. His family. They are little hints, but they help so much. And I guess, also break my heart. Poor guy.
😍 That we follow not just Willow and what she is up to (investigating, finding a thing to do), but also Ash and what he is up to (investigating, trying to help out the animals, learning about liminal spaces, dreams, and his powers). It was never confusing who was who, which you sometimes have with books with more than one POV and especially when the POVs seemingly go from one and the other. They both have clear voices and it was easy to discern them from each other.
😍 I loved that Willow found something to do while being stuck there. She decided to help out at the motel. Clean up. Check people in (and out because most people can leave). Do little chores here and there. It was really great and I was happy for her. It is better than just sulking or being afraid of never leaving.
😍 A new mystery person appears. Or well, their texts appear on Willow’s phone. Warning her. Giving her hints. And I just adored that there was someone, or something, out there that was trying to help.
😍 The new “bad” guy appears. I am putting it between quotes because while he wasn’t the best guy to meet, I was also very curious about him and what his real motivations were.
😍 That we get A LOT of hints and some secrets told. There is still a lot to explore (what is up with that room? What happens if you pick the wrong door? for instance), but I am totally happy with that. I don’t need all the answers in one go, I am happy that as things continue we get to see more and more and slowly are able to form something of an idea.
😍 That ending! I won’t spoil anything, but BOY, it definitely sets the tone for the next book and I just cannot wait. I want to know more. I need to know more.

All in all, bring the next book! I need to know what happens next~

Star rating, 5 stars

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