Review for The Unicorn Who Sold ZERO Cupcakes

Review for The Unicorn Who Sold ZERO Cupcakes

The Unicorn Who Sold Zero Cupcakes by Brenda LiA book about two friends, Ted a giraffe and Unicorn a Unicorn (yes, don’t ask) and their cupcake stand! Will they sell anything?

I was in the mood for something fun when I came across this book! I just had to try it out and I am happy I did! We meet two friends who want to do something and decide to sell cupcakes. But what happens when no one, NO ONE, wants to buy one? Zero sales! ZERO! I just loved that Unicorn kept going, Ted was more my deal and I didn’t blame him, haha. Unicorn thought of some really fun ideas and I loved that Unicorn kept thinking of ideas! I found myself rooting for them and wondered why no one was buying anything (then again, no one had any facial bits, so maybe that doesn’t help). But the cupcakes looked good, OK, the icing could be better, especially when the icing was brown. Yelp.

I have to say when that last resort came from Unicorn… I didn’t think THAT was coming OUT of THERE. Given the wiggling, the difficult face… believe me I was ready for it to come out somewhere else. XD It made me laugh though, and apparently THAT was not just needed for the cupcakes, but now the people magically also have eyes and noses (though some are still weird-looking). I guess they needed that as well, next to THAT.

And then there is the ending, I didn’t expect there to be more, haha. I thought they were done, but no.

I did like that there were bonus activities! There are 6 items and it is up to the reader to find them! Like, find cupcake with a cherry on top, or how many x coloured cupcakes are there? It makes the book ready for another read!

The art was quite fun!

All in all, I am happy I found out about this book and I would recommend it. Never give up! Never forget THAT. It is important!

Star rating, 4 stars

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