Review for The Christmasaurus Cracker

Review for The Christmasaurus Cracker

The Christmasaurus Cracker by Tom Fletcher, Shane Devries, Red cover with santa and the christmasaurus, christmas, childrensbooks, magicA delightful book perfect for these two Christmas days!

I am a fan of the Christmasaurus series so when I spotted this book over at one of my libraries early December I just had to bring it home! Let’s get in the Christmas mood~ Whoo!

In this delightful book we get an assortiment of fun! There are short stories to read (one about an elf and crumpets, one about two kids and a magical ice cream van (of which I need more btw)) both which were a lot of fun to read~ Then there are recipes (definitely want to see if I can make crumpets). There are fun activities (like make your own snowglobe, your own stocking puzzle, and many others). There are quotes from the series (so be sure to have read the earlier books) which made me smile and that had me longing to read the books again. There are a lot of fun facts about Christmas and Santa throughout the book (a lot of them I knew but some are new). And I also loved Tom’s top 10 and I agree with almost all of them. I just flew through this book and I just love all the variety in it. Not just short stories but everything Christmas fun! This is a treat!

I also loved the illustrations that are EVERYWHERE in this book! Shane Devries art is just a delight!

All in all, this is a perfect book for the fans of The Christmasaurus series! There is something for everyone and there is never a boring moment. Merry Christmas!

Star rating, 4 stars

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