Book Haul December 2023

Book Haul December 2023

Good day all~

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A happy New Year and welcome to my Book Haul for December 2023! Which I am posting now because I was on blogvacation from Christmas til the 1st.

December was a good reading month, not superduper the best, but I still had a lot of fun and found some good books! Library books, physical owned books, Kindle, ARCs, and others.

I got several stacks of books. I got 4 books for Christmas (see those here), I got a nice stack of manga as a Christmas present for myself, and there are other books!

Did I read all of them? Well quite a bit of them. The manga I got myself for Christmas, I sadly wasn’t in the mood to read them yet (even though I was in a manga mood). The top 5 books on the non-manga stack, I also haven’t read because I just wasn’t in the mood for them (mood reading, bah). My Christmas books, I read 2 of the 4, though that is because I was waiting for the new year and only started reading them yesterday when the new year was there~
So I still got some left, but that is no problem, I will get to them! Cannot wait~

I will be adding a list when I feel up to it, it is still my normal vacation after all and while I do want to do some blogging + share my amazing books, I also want to take it easy.

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