Book Haul January 2024

Book Haul January 2024

Afternoon all!

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A very joyful welcome to a new monthly Book Haul post! It is time to share my books of January 2024~

January was a rollercoaster, but thankfully the books kept me steady. I especially had fun reading manga! Thankfully, I hadn’t read my Christmas books from December so I had some manga to read, whoop!

My physical stack is quite small, the prices at Amazon are craycray, plus my birthday is coming up so most of my Need-To-Buy shelf is off-limits. Which meant only books that weren’t on there or new releases were OK to get. I still found 3 books, plus, one of my pre-orders from October/September FINALLY came in! points to Oh. It’s You. I was so worried that I would just have to cancel my pre-order and just wait until it was buyable somewhere else.

As for reading, 3 out of 4 are read! I only need to read the Cynthia Murphy book and I am hoping to do that later this week. I still got a few library books that are shouting at me to read them so those go first. Haha.

I also added to my phone/Google Play: The Cheat Sheet (not read yet), A Galaxy Next Door, Vol.1 (read), Wandance, Vol.1 (read). To my Kindle I added: The Pram (read), Same Time Next Year (not read yet), The Ghost of Shantel Thompson (not read yet). As you can see I got a few left to read~

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Spider-Man: Quantum Quest! by Mike Maihack
Signed Sealed Dead by Cynthia Murphy
Oh. It’s You. by Francesco Marciuliano
If You’ll Have Me by Eunnie

4 thoughts on “Book Haul January 2024

  1. Amazon prices are insane! I sometimes get huge piles of books from and they ship all over the world. You just have to be careful with shipping. I’m cheap so I always look for free shipping!😂 Have a wonderful and relaxing week Meh so and happy reading!🍪📚☕🌞💜

    1. I know right! No clue what has happened to the prices, but it is crazy! Sadly, Abebooks is not an option for me. I need to buy books IN the EU or else it will cost me customs (an addition 5-20+ euros). If the UK hadn’t left the EU I would have still had some options. But now, not really. Bookstores here do have some rare English books but often very overpriced (probably also because of the customs/how expensive it all is), and so Amazon is my only option for English book buying. 😥
      Thank you Susan! Happy week to you, too! Hopefully filled with fun books (I saw you got some fun books from Edelweiss/Netgalley)! 🥳🌈❤😍

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