Library Haul ~ 6-1-2024 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 6-1-2024 (Library #2+#3)

Hey all!

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A very happy welcome to a shiny new Library #2 and #3 haul! Whoop! It was time to get some new book babies~

I was so very happy that yesterday on Twitter I saw that the branch I visited from Library #3 (the biggest one/the main branch) was closed today, because otherwise my hubby and I would have stood there and wondered what is going on. I checked their site and there is only a small mention about it on their site, barely noticeable. So we had to go to another, smaller, branch, thankfully this library has a few, though most aren’t easily accessible, but we found one that would work for car + parking. I haven’t visited this one so I was pretty excited about it, even if a bit sad that I couldn’t visit the big/main branch. But after finding 9 books I was pretty happy! I found some great books + I really like this library and that despite being small they got quite a bit of a collection!

Then it was off to Library #2. I had 12 reservations waiting. Yes, not a whole lot. For some reason between Nov to Jan there are not that many new books to be found in the library. I didn’t mind, I still had a couple of owned books + a nice stack over at Netgalley (a post to come on Monday) to read, so having a bit of a lull in library books isn’t that bad. Though I do hope that soon it will pick up again, haha. I did have fun walking around the library and I did manage to find some more books, including some very pretty photography books that I cannot wait to read (well, correction on that, I couldn’t resist the BN’ers photobook).

STATS: 9 books at Library #3 and 22 books at Library #2. Not too bad at all!

First picture is Library #2 and the second picture is Library #3.

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De geheime drakenschool by Emily Skye
Gamehelden tegen de voetbalgoden by Marcel van Driel, Paco Vink
Buuf is boos by Bianca Nederhof
Jouw Ogenblik – Madeira by Jouw Ogenblik
Toen de wereld nog van ons was by Liz Kessler
Dog wil vrij zijn by Marianne Witte
Een zee van papier by Koos Meinderts, Sietse Muis
Pip maakt zich te druk by Wilma Huisman-Kalksma
Cabins/Hütten/Cabanes by Phillip Jodidia
Erwtjes in de ruimte by HÖNGRY
151 boeken by Pim Lammers, Hedy Tjin
Dans met mij #4 by Fez
Lotta #6 by Marloes de Vries
Suske & Wiske by Will Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske by Will Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske by Will Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske by Will Vandersteen
Te paard #9 by Miss Prickly
Celestine en de paarden #11 by Stefano Turconi
Op de klapstoel by Harmen de Jong
Saigoku by Cees Nooteboom
LINDA. het boek by Linda de Mol

Molly en haar droomkamer by Sabine Lemire, Signe Kjaer
Dromen voor het leven by Arthur Japin
Vertel mij wat by Anne West
Weer op de rit by Anja Janssen
Kerstkransen & winterboeketten by Marieke Nolsen
Hippe heksen en toffe tovenaars by various authors
Welterusten kleine unicorn by Sienna Williams
Afterparty #aanzee by Jackie van der Vlis
Den Haag in 136 groepsportretten by Astird Feiter

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 6-1-2024 (Library #2+#3)

  1. A new library and you found NINE books Mehsi? Score!

    Thirty one😯new books! Wow!! I guess I know what you will be doing this week!

    Have a wonderful and stress free week and enjoy all of your books!☕📚🌞🍪💜

    1. Yess! So happy with this branch of the bigger library, I definitely hope to visit it again~ 😍🌟
      Haha, reading is definitely high on the stack of things I want to do this week! 🥳 So many good books that are calling me~
      Thank you Susan!! I hope you also have a wonderful and fantastic week~ 💕🥰💕🥰

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