New Year’s Book Tag (2024 Edition)

New Year’s Book Tag (2024 Edition)

Afternoon all!

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It is time for 2024’s first book tag! Say hello to the New Year’s Book Tag 2024 edition!!

It is quite fun when you got more space on your blog, you can do tags without having to think about where and how you are going to get them in your schedule! I was so excited to do this (book) tag, it was a lot of fun last year. I cannot wait to get started on all these 2024 things I want to read and do. Crossing fingers that this year will be an epic year, not just in books, but also in other parts!

Didn’t get tagged this year by anyone, I am just doing it on my own! And I won’t tag anyone because I don’t know exactly who has already done this one/would like to do this one. But if you want to do this one go for it, be sure to tag me because I just love reading everyone’s answers~

How many books are you planning to read in 2023?

As always, I don’t do numbers, I just read! So here is to a good year with many books! 📚📚📚📚📚📚

Name 5 books you didn’t get to in 2023 but want to make a priority in 2024.

🥰Mermaids Don’t Drown by various authors (this one I got in September from Netgalley and I just haven’t gotten to it)
🥰The Haunted Bookstore by Shinobumaru (this one I got in October-ish for my Spooktober but other books won over this one)
🥰Hometown Haunts by various authors (bought this in February 2023 for a steal, was planning on reading it first for my Summer TBR, then Spooktober, and now hopefully just somewhere this year)
🥰A Taste of Darkness by various authors (bought this one late October and haven’t yet gotten the chance to read it)
🥰The Voice Upstairs by Laura E. Weymouth (bought this one in October, it got in in November, but I just didn’t have time/mood for it)

Yes, they are all spooky books. I also got some non-spooky books, but at the moment my mood is clearly pointing to go for SPOOKY. So who knows I will get these read soon.

What genre do you want to read more of?

Mm, since I already read pretty everything (except for classics/crime but that is because I really don’t like those that much, well OK, hate for the first one), this is a tough one. I am really thinking. I think I would like to read more travel books. Yes, I already read quite a bit of travel fiction, but I want to read even more.

Name 3 non-book-related goals for 2023

🤩The chest of drawers. Last year I planned it, but then due to the addition of a family member, aka, Coco my puppy I just didn’t get to it. We got her in March and well, its been a rollercoaster, haha. This year I would love to see if I can get that chest of drawers in the living room prettied up. It really deserves a nice coat of either paint or something else. I want to make the handles better and prettier. Now they are just tiny nubs and at times it is not easy to hold/grab them. So I want to get some pretty handles (I have been eyeing a few at stores so time to get them).
🤩Go on more bike trips with my hubby! I read some books with some really really pretty routes throughout my country, so I would love to go for weekends and just have a great time. Since we have special things for our bikes Coco can come with us. I would need to buy something for my butt though, haha. Last time we went on a big trip, boy, my butt was just dead. I couldn’t even sit. Haha.
🤩Pretty much like last year again, I would love to just stress less. Relax more. Chill more. I am trying that with my blog this year. Again. I want to have 1-2 posts a day with maybe a few days with 3 or 4, instead of almost always having 3 posts and sometimes even 4 (I just have so much bookish love to share with you all). However, for now my schedule is getting fuller again even though I am not fully going at it. Haha. But I am trying. And I do love that so far it seems that even with 1 or 2 posts people still visit my blog, so yay! Let’s hope that keeps up as well.

What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?

This year I went through my shelves and got rid of several books. So now I don’t really have a book that was on there forever. Just from last year. Haha. I guess I will read one of those I mentioned up at the first question.

One word that you’re hoping 2023 will be.

Again, one word? I guess health. I would love to have better health. Not just with my eczema but also with other parts.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Book Tag (2024 Edition)

  1. I do really need to relax more too ahaha learn how to be off 😂 I only know working and then im like « kkay what now? What do I doo.. » especially if my chores has been done already.

    Happy 2024; wishing you the best xx

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