Review for Field of Screams

Review for Field of Screams

Field of Screams by Wendy Parris, Girl in a cornfield, horror, ghosts, family, children's booksA spooky fun read about a girl, a ghost, cornfields (so scary), and secrets! So much fun!

In this book we meet a girl named Rebecca. She is obsessed with ghosts. For real. Haha. During the summer she has to stay with her uncle and aunt while her mom is also there and working on her thesis/paper to get her PHD. I loved that things immediately got a bit spooky when she got at the farm house. There is an attic door that is closed. There is a one-eyed cat that is lurking around and wants her attention. There are creaks. There are chills. Yes. We are getting right into it. You know something is up! Rebecca was a fun character, and such a teen, haha. Not that is bad, but there were moments that I was just snickering. Like, when her mom is dating a guy from the neighbouring farm and that Rebecca is so not having it. Sorry girl, but your mom has been single for a long time, she is allowed to have some fun time. But I could understand where Rebecca is coming from. Or her feelings for Nick, her first real crush.

I loved seeing the mystery of the farms + what happened there see get more and more clear as we learn more facts about Rebecca’s family. About Clara. About the treasure she hid. I loved that it wasn’t instantly clear what was going on but that it took a while before everything was clear, and even then there were some nice revelations that had me OHHHH-ing and AAHHHH-ing! And things got quite scary at times. Not super scary, but definitely OHH, I am hiding under my blankets for a moment there scary. It doesn’t help there are cornfields around the farm, that is one of the things in horror that I love and fear, haha. I also loved that Rebecca had a spooky book full of tales and that she got hints and tips from that.

Not just that but that we also got some more deets on Rebecca’s family. And not just the mystery mentioned above, but also see her come to terms with the loss of her dad and find out more about what he liked when he was younger. I am glad that her uncle made time to tell her stories and give her something important. I do hope that the mom also will be more willing to speak up now that she sees her daughter is so clearly in need for information.

The last part, when everything comes together and BOOM, that was just so good. It was exciting, exhilarating, and a dash of sad as well. And then there is the last few paragraphs that I so loved.

Oh, and extra points to the fab cover which is just so spooky. And then there is the inside of the cover, totally awesome!

And yes, at times I did get a bit tired of Rebecca’s obsession with ghosts. I mean, I get it, important to find out and it is scary, but she just kept on talking about it. I actually felt for Nick. He barely got a word in at times, haha.

But Kelsie can just fuck off. Bye. I know she hasn’t had the easiest time, but that is, once again, no excuse to be an absolute utter bitch to everyone and everything. Plus, I found it strange that Kelsie was all like this is my locket I found it and I didn’t know it was yours because it didn’t have your surname. But WAY BEFORE she found that locket there was a conversation with Kelsie’s grandpa and it was mentioned that the dilapidated farm was originally Rebecca’s family property. WTF girl, so you just making up BS excuses right there. Not to mention, according to Rebecca there was a VERY clear family resemblance with her and Clara, so come on. Kelsie is just being a bitch. Bye!

All in all, I really enjoyed this book about ghosts, family, storms, and remembering people and not forgetting them. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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