Review for Izzy the Inventor and the Unexpected Unicorn

Review for Izzy the Inventor and the Unexpected Unicorn

Izzy the Inventor and the unexpected unicorn by Zanna Davidson, Elissa Elwick, Yellow cover with a girl and a unicorn on it, science, magic, fantasyThe first book in the series in which a tiny girl who loves science gets transported to a land of magic and unicorns.

So this week I was FINALLY able to find and read the first book in the Izzy the Inventor series! My library finally had a copy! In Dutch of course, so instead of unexpected unicorns it is a dancing one (and lord Henry does love to dance a lot, haha). But the translation felt natural and fun!

In this book we see how it all started, how Izzy got sucked into a quest in Fairytale Land! How she was so into science that an intervention was kinda needed. An intervention to show her that science is all cool and well, but you also need imagination and some magic in your life! Even the great Einstein said so! I loved seeing Izzy go on a quest in Fairytale land and travel the lands, with Henry her unicorn friend who loves to dance, throw glitter around… but oh yeah, cannot fly. I loved seeing her find challenges and meet them with science. Like the trolls who weren’t really angry for no reason, but wanted some slime! Well, our inventor has a recipe just for that! She comes across other creatures as well and I looked forward to the science she would use to complete her goals. Plus, I loved seeing Fairyland again, it is such a fun place and there are so many fun places to explore and see. Though some of them don’t really deserve their names, and no I won’t spoil which ones, just read the book (and be prepared to laugh).

I loved reading about the prince, about his troubles and I loved how Izzy reacted + her plan. I could definitely understand the prince though. I was happy with the solution!

Also on that note, dear Izzy, I could definitely understand your parents, I love inventions, but given what happened to your inventions so far, I would also be a bit hesitant as a parent/person in the nearby vicinity, haha.

I loved how the book ended, I am happy that Izzy has learned a lesson on imagination, magic.

Plus, I love that we got recipes for the science stuff that Izzy did in the book, I definitely want to try that crystal one!

Oh, and just like the other book, this book is full of fun illustrations by Elissa Elwick. Really full. They are everywhere, and I love it!

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to all and I cannot wait for another book in the series~

Star rating, 4 stars

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