Review for Kanan-sama wa Akumade Choroi, Vol.1

Review for Kanan-sama wa Akumade Choroi, Vol.1

Kanan-sama wa Akumade Choroi 1 by noncoOne deredere demon. One boy who is totally entranced by her and isn’t shy. And one volume full of blushing, hijinks, and first love!

Meet Kanan-sama. A teenage demon girl aged thousands of years ago. She was apparently bored with her dad Beelzebub and the hell world (can’t blame her after so many years I would also want a different scenery), so she decided to, what else, go up to the human realm and harvest some souls. That seems simple right? So when her first victim, um meal arrives, a boy named Kyougi-san, she thinks it would be easy, but he takes the words eating and gobbling totally different + the fact that Kanan has her horns and tail out, he thinks she into sexy cosplay. And eating/gobbling = sexy times. Kanan thought she had an easy meal and here is a pro-active male who doesn’t mind getting gobbled up… sexually. XD Did I mention that Kanan is a thousands years old virgin and that she is totally flustered now? Things escalate in a way that had me in stitches and cue them starting dating. Our demon is experiencing her first love! Oh yes!

And from that point we see the two of them dating and Kanan being the very dere dere she is! She switches from going full demon to smug little demon to flustered demon to jealous (because apparently despite everything Kyougi is popular with the ladies) to even more flustered moments. It was just adorable and I found myself rooting for these two. To get to the point of gobbling up. For now they have a lot of cute first moments, standard for manga of course. Holding hands. Calling each other by their first names with tons of embarrassment and stuttering (which still is a bit weird for me even after years of anime watching and manga reading). Eating yummy foods. I was just squeeing at these two. I love seeing this side to Kanan + I love that Kyougi looks quite dull (but handsome) but is actually quite going for it. It makes for a lot of fun scenes.

I am definitely loving Ami, Kanan’s maid who pops up around halfway in the volume. I love her design, but I also love her personality. Having a succubus in the mix is oodles of fun, though I do hope that she keeps her hands off Kyougi and just roots for her boss (for now she does, but who knows, I have read enough manga and seen enough anime to know things can change).

The art is really a lot of fun. I love the reactions of all the characters (especially Kanan has the best ones and with that I don’t just mean the cute adorable moments but also when she goes full daughter of Beelzebub or when she finds out that when Kyougi does x or y it does things to her she didn’t expect). The designs for the characters are a delight and I cannot wait to meet more characters, hopefully also some more demons!

All in all, this one was just so much fun and I am rooting for this couple. For our demon to have her first love. And I hope that she is able to gobble up a soul (though maybe not Kyougi’s for now). I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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