Review for Kay’s Incredible Inventions

Review for Kay’s Incredible Inventions

Kay's Incredible Inventions by Adam Kay, Robot on the cover, inventions, non-fiction, humor, children's booksThis time no biology, no medicine, this time Adam Kay takes us to through the history of inventions! Dumb, smart, and everything in between.

I was at first very hesitant about this book after the earlier books by Kay featuring the most horrible addition in books for a while, Prunella. So when I saw a fellow book blogger review this one I asked if Prunella was still there and they told me no. Boy, you had no idea how fast I went to Amazon to glare at it so I could get it, haha. Sadly, while there was no Prunella, there was something else. Which I will mention in the nah parts.

😍 It was a lot of fun to have three parts in this book! First up is our home, from the bathroom to the kitchen to loo rolls and ovens. Then next we are going outside for sports, for submarines, for bridges, for trains, and more. Lastly we get all about technology. From mice and morse code to computers and web.
😍 The illustrations are once again 100% funny and A-plus. Really give that book extra sparkles and makes it even more fun (and funny in several cases).
😍 While I did know a lot already I also had the pleasure of learning some more new things along the way! There were several facts I didn’t know yet, but thanks to this book now I know.
😍 I loved that it didn’t just focus on successful or big projects/inventions, but also on failed ones, expensive ones, small ones, less known ones.
😍 And there were so many fun inventions!
😍 We don’t just learn about the invention and what it did for the world, but also about the people who made them, and I loved that Adam also highlights the women who made inventions and those that got hidden behind men.
😍 I loved the quizzes, extra information to learn + it made me laugh to see what fact was wrong (some were quite funny).
😍 Once again, YESSSS no Prunella. Still some jokes, but I can live with that.
😍 Adam’s inventions, oh man, those made me laugh. Though some looked quite fun. I mean, edible chairs? Yes, not the most handy in hot weather, but in cool weather? Come on through!
😍 I loved the True or Poo parts + Adam Answers parts. Those were really fun to read + gave us some more insight in the fun world of inventions + silly things people do.

😕 But yeah, while I was happy that we didn’t get that annoying, frustrating, wtf who thought this was a good idea to add, Prunella in the mix. We now got fake facts and an annoying robot correcting it + saying some rude things. Not really an improvement. Especially since with Prunella, I could just use a correction fluid to get rid of it (yes, I did that after so many books of that bitch), but with this I couldn’t. And my head was so confused by the fake facts that got corrected quite soon after. So yeah, I will definitely be very much considering if I will be buying Adam’s next book. I mean, he has such a fun writing style, he has the humour, but he has to add all sorts of, sorry to say, stupid things. It is not necessary. Just be yourself. Do it yourself.
😕 And yes, that chapter about the robots? I tried. But it was just Prunella in a robot suit-level of why did anyone think this was a good idea to add?

So I had fun, but I hope that next time Adam leans on his own strength instead of adding elements that are so not necessary. Maybe then I will consider buying it, for now I will wait and see.

Star rating, 4 stars

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