Review for The Happy Shop

Review for The Happy Shop

The Happy Shop by Brittany Long Olsen, Girl in front of jars opening one of them, graphic novel, magic, feelings, familyI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Meet a girl named Darcy, she has just moved and IS NOT AMUSED by it. When her mom tells her to go exploring she encounters a quaint little shop that apparently sells feelings. Yes, feelings. When something happens she has to work there and that is the start of a really fun story! With magic. Acceptance. Feelings. Family. And more. And I can say that I enjoyed it all!

Meet Darcy, a girl who has moved to a whole new town, a whole new place, and she is not amused with it all. She misses her friends. Her mom is also not always very happy and we see that affecting her. But then she discovers a shop of feelings. And she gets curious. And as the story continues we see her get quite invested in this shop. About what it does. About how it works. About the people who come to visit and the people who search for feelings. I really loved seeing Darcy change and find her place. And I loved seeing her work hard at the store. Think of new ideas + more.

The store? I would definitely love to visit it. It sounds like such a wonderful place and I could use some happy feelings at times. They got quite a few different ones (like eating that first bite of ice cream or a puppy falling asleep on your lap (which my dear Coco is currently doing)) and I am curious if I would find the one perfect for me!

Flora was just so sweet and wonderful and I loved how she took Darcy under her wings. Talked to her. Told her to always come to her when she needed. Allowed Darcy to bring in ideas and taught Darcy how to do the whole feelings in a jar thing. She was just like a grandma. Cosy, warm, hospitable. I loved seeing Darcy and her getting closer and closer.

But the reason why I wouldn’t rate this 4.5 or 5 stars if Frida. She was a horrible character. She does get a bit better by the end, but for most she is a grumpy old bitch. It was due to YOU that she smashed those bottles. She is just curious no need to be a rotten old hag about it. She is trying, no need to put her down. And there are more instances that I just wanted to stop reading because of Frida. Later on something big happens and seriously, that was just uncalled for.

The art was really pretty. I loved the way the characters were drawn. But the town they live in? Boy, I just wanted to step in the book and pop by some stores. Walk through the streets. Love it!

All in all, a beautiful book about finding a place to belong, about feelings, about magic, and more! I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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