Review for What Can I Do With a Cardboard Box?

Review for What Can I Do With a Cardboard Box?

What Can I Do With a Cardboard Box by James MacLaine, Town made of cardboard, DIY, Crafts, non-fiction, children's booksA really fun craft book with tons of great ideas that I cannot wait to try out!

I came across this book, in Dutch, in my library and just had to bring it along! I do love a good crafts project! I love DIY~ And when I got home I immediately read it because it was just shouting at me to read it. Cannot resist!

In this book we get several delightful cardboard box craft ideas! From making your own solar system to making a Roman Arch (and so also teaching kids how those structures work) to making tissue box monsters (om nom nom). There are crafts everywhere and I love how they vary from quite simple to harder. Each one I found very creative and original and oh so much fun. It was so much fun to flip the pages and see what kind of projects there were. I really wish I had this book as a kid that would have been grand. But oh well, I am still a kid at hard, so let’s get crafting!

I loved seeing all the sorts of boxes that were used. Some I will have to hunt for as I live in the Netherlands and we don’t always have the same packaging as say England or the US. But with a bit more creativity I am sure it will all be fine~

There are illustrations dotted here and there and along with the photographs it was just all fab and made me really want to go and make the projects. The instructions were clear and easy to follow with plenty of steps + you also get some templates to help you with some of the projects. There are also tips/hints.

I got a ton of projects I would love to try out. Yes, I know, I am an adult, but a child inside, haha. I really would love to try out the marbles paintings, the insects (I just love how they look), the solarsystem, or that village. As you can see, big plans! Now I just need to find some cardboard boxes, I guess a hunt to one of my supermarkets is in order. And collecting boxes I use for food. Along with getting paint and such from other stores.

All in all, definitely highly recommend this fun book to all. Rainy day? Just need some fun DIY ideas? Be sure to check out this fun book and I will guarantee you will have some fun afternoons creating new things!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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