Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 28-1-2024

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 28-1-2024

Afternoon all~

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Happy Sunday everyone! It is time for a shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates~

Well, this week was definitely an improvement to last week. There were some bumps but for most I am happy with it. I called the nursing home to see how my dad is doing and made him a happy person again, he was feeling lonely. I just wish I could visit more but public transport is not cheap and it takes 1.5+ hours to get to him. At least I can make him happy by calling and having a chat. Other than that, visited Libraries (so happy I can now reserve books at Library #4 (now #2)), got a new plant for the home (LIDL had cute sansevierias), ate quite a bit of chocolate (and want more), the weather was a bit on/off this week but on Friday/Saturday it was sunny, cold, but I am so happy to see some sun again. Other than that all the normal day to day stuff.
Reading-wise, a good/OK week. Had some DNF, but also some great books. I read a few manga.

What did I read from my TBR?  Spiderman (ooooddddlesss of funny), Gezondheid (this was OK), Speak (WOW WOW so much better than the novel), Droomreis met een dondersteen (a fun book with tons of fun travels, but also another reminder that yes I don’t want kids, haha), DIY Baby (so cute and fun).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Night Side of the (I struggled with the first story and gave up at the 2nd one), In de ban van de zwam (eh), Anne Frank (nothing new), Man wordt vader (the writing style/voice didn’t work), Nacht met de cowboy (I hated the characters + I didn’t get why he was so pissed off it was a one night stand not more).

Here is a new stack! With new books from Library #2 (used to be #4) and #4 (used to be #5) + also a new book that I ordered this week from Amazon and which came in on Saturday. So excited about this stack and I am really thinking of what I should read first, everything looks so good!

Thank you all for reading my post! Wish me luck with my week (I need it to stay a positive one) + with my reading. Let me know what you think of my stack + what your plans are for this upcoming week! Have a great week, stay safe~

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