Blog Tour ~ The Seamstress on Cider Lane by Jillianne Hamilton ~ Excerpt

Blog Tour ~ The Seamstress on Cider Lane by Jillianne Hamilton ~ Excerpt

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Seamstress on Cider Lane by Jillianne Hamilton, London, Historical Fiction, Woman on a bridge/waterway

A very excited welcome to the Blog Tour for The Seamstress on Cider Lande by Jillianne Hamilton! This is the newest book in the Homefront Hearts series and I am so excited I can be part of the tour and share an excerpt with my readers!

Ready? Let’s go!

The Seamstress on Cider Lane by Jillianne Hamilton, Blue and purple cover with a woman walking through london, historical, romanceThe Germans pause their bombing raids on London but life on the homefront is certainly far from ordinary. The Seamstress on Cider Lane is a lighthearted and hopeful romance, perfect for fans of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Last Bookshop in London.

Gifted seamstress Nora Archer opens a sewing shop just as clothing becomes rationed and scarce in Britain. London’s fashionable elites soon discover her remarkable talent for giving garments new life and her skills are soon in high demand.

Having lost his flat during the Blitz, Jack Parker is relieved to finally locate a new home. He finds himself living under the same roof as Nora, the spirited and enchanting woman he thought he’d lost, as well as Nora’s protective aunt.

Despite her aunt’s warnings, Nora can’t help falling for Jack. However, the sweet and bookish teacher is from a different world and Nora doesn’t know if she fits in or if Jack might be too good to be true. She can’t deny the intense attraction between herself and Jack—and neither of them wants to.

When a struggling friend’s desperate plea for help lures Nora into the dodgy clothing black market, she risks not only her business and reputation but also her blossoming relationship with Jack.

Will Jack and Nora’s wartime romance survive when Nora’s secrets are revealed?

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The Seamstress on Cider Lane by Jillianne Hamilton, Blue and purple cover with a woman walking through london, historical, romance

About the author:

Jillianne Hamilton illustrated wearing historical attire and a big hat and reading a book, author, illustration  Jillianne Hamilton writes delightful historical fiction and historical romance novels featuring rebellious ladies and happy endings. Her stories feature feisty female protagonists and plenty of sass and wit, using the past as an exciting backdrop. Her debut novel was shortlisted for the 2016 PEI Book Award and her debut historical fiction novel, The Spirited Mrs. Pringle, was longlisted for the 2022 Historical Fiction Company Book Award.

She lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on Canada’s beautiful east coast. She is a member of the Paper Lanterns Writers author collective.

Find her here:      


Not even Hampstead Heath remained untouched by the war. The green was pockmarked with disturbed soil where bombs had struck. Army cadets ran in tight formation through the paths and in between vegetable patches.
We mounted our bikes again. I pedalled in front of Nora, showing off. As I watched her over my shoulder, she flicked a curl away from her face and smiled wide at me. That smile would ruin me and I wouldn’t even mind.
Nora’s eyes suddenly widened. “Jack, watch out!”
I whipped my head just in time to see my bike heading directly for a woman and a gaggle of small children and I swerved to avoid them. My bike screeched with the sudden movement and I hurdled into what was directly to the right of the woman and gaggle of children—a pond.
The cool water sank deep into my clothes and made them heavy as I kicked and flailed my arms. As my head broke the surface, I spit out a mouthful of pond water.
“Bollocks,” I shouted.
The woman I’d swerved to avoid glared and shooed the children away from me and my filthy words. Nora parked her bike and pulled my bicycle out of the water along the pond’s edge. I didn’t know how I was flung so far from my bike. I swam to the pond’s edge and took Nora’s hand so she could drag me out.
Dripping wet, I scowled at my watery nemesis. Hearing a quiet snort from next to me, I looked at Nora, her lips clamped tight. I sighed at her as her mouth contorted, fighting back giggles.
“You think this is funny?”
That did it. She erupted with laughter, one hand on her stomach and half bent over.
“I can’t believe that just happened,” she sputtered, wiping the tears from her cheeks.
I grabbed her arm. “That’s it. You’re going in, too.”
She squealed and yanked her arm away and I chased her around the side of the pond, her high-pitched shrieks and cackles alarming the nearby park patrons. She dashed into a cluster of trees and I went in after her.
“Bloody thing,” I heard her say from behind a tree.
A rather impolite oak had reached out a gnarly branch and grabbed ahold of Nora’s yellow plaid skirt, leaving a small rip in the fabric.
Winded, she cursed and let out a chuckle. “Stupid tree.”
“I know someone who can fix that for you,” I said.
“Oh? What’s she like?” Her smile turned coy, her eyes darkening.
I stepped closer and she rested her back against the oak’s trunk. The pounding of my heart sped up as I considered my reply.
“Extraordinary,” I said, taking another step towards her.

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