Happy Birthday Book Haul 2024

Happy Birthday Book Haul 2024

Afternoon all!

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A happy welcome to my Happy Birthday Book Haul post~ Yesterday I turned age redacted and had a wonderful time!

My hubby took me to National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. It is one museum I really wanted to visit and I am so happy I could visit. They had an Egyptian temple, tons of mummies, sarcophagi, a lot more Egyptian objects. And oh yes, also non-Egyptian collections that I absolutely love, but for an Egypt nut that I am the lower floor was the BEST! The other two floors where about archaeology, Rome, Greece, mythology and more. It was very fun, and I also loved the two exhibits that they had this time! I also got two souvenirs from the store (two magnets, of course Egypt themed).

After that we went out eating at a steakhouse, I got the steak with cheese and onions on top of it (SOOO GOOD). And at the end was chocolate mousse in an edible bowl and a big dollop of whipped cream. YUM!

Then it was back home, giving Coco some love because she hadn’t seen us all afternoon, and then it was unwrapping presents! My hubby really spoiled me this year! I got 4 books + a colouring book (now I really need those markers/pencils). Plus, I got plenty of other items, like Nijntje/Miffy bookends + stationery, he got me a new Robotime Bookend Nook kit (EEP), a bathbomb, a plushie (Jack Frost from Shin Megami/Persona)! I am so excited about all of these, thank you so much hubby!

No manga for my birthday this year, but I am planning on spoiling myself next month, as a belated present.

Today I am will be sharing my books + sleeve and new bookmarks + I will show you those bookends + the kit~

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Book Haul 2024

  1. Its sounds like you had the most perfect birthday Mehsi! I love your gifts and that steak sounds amazing! I love how you redacted your age!!😂😂I’m so glad you had a wonderful day!

    🎉🎈🎂Happy Birthday!🎂🎈🎉

    1. Thank you, Susan!! It was! And that steak, oh I want to go back and have it again. 🥺 Haha, I just couldn’t resist to redact that 😆!


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