Hardcover Surprises ~ The Swifts by Beth Lincoln, Claire Powell

Hardcover Surprises ~ The Swifts by Beth Lincoln, Claire Powell

Hi all!

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A happy welcome to a NEW Hardcover Surprises! Today I am sharing the hardcover surprise for The Swifts!

Wow, it’s been ages since I last did this post, December 2022 was the last time I did it. Then again, with the prices of books being what it is, it is getting more rare for me to get a hardcover. And even if I get a hardcover not all of them have jackets or have surprises under the jacket. You know, every hardcover should have a surprise, I pay enough for them, haha. And this Hardcover Surprises for The Swifts could have gone up in 2023, since I read the book late 2023, but, I kept moving it as other posts took preference.

But it is time! Time to share the awesome cover + what is under the jacket! Whoop! Are you ready?🙈

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The jacket part 1 and 2! I love the little details + that even on the sides there are fun illustrations.

The surprise under the jacket! I love it!
And the pretty purple endpapers!

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