Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 20-2-2024

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 20-2-2024

Afternoon all!

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A very happy welcome to a new Netgalley TBR Updates!

Though no one replied if they wanted this one to be a monthly feature, I decided to just do it. 😜 So from now on I will share my Netgalley TBR each month. Well, provided I got books on it.

Here is my current TBR on Netgalley! Number Call is technically read, I read it last week, but I still need to write a review for it. So far I wasn’t in the mood + I was so busy! And yes, YES, I know. I KNOW. I need to get reading Mermaids Never Drown! Anyone read it and can tell me that it was awesome? I could use a little boost. I am really looking forward to reading it, but I am also worried that after all this time I won’t like it. So give me some positivity!
I have 4 new books on there. Two are for tours (yes, very rare appearance since I normally don’t review for tours) and I am very excited about them both. Kira and the Maybe Space Princess and Next Stop just sounded too fun to not read and review for a tour. And the other two I just couldn’t resist. I mean, how does one resist a book about a kitty? A ninja kitten even! Or a fun book full of recipes and I hope to discover some new ones to try out~

What to read first is your question? Well, the tour for Kira is on the 5th of March, so in two weeks, so that one will be read first! And after that it will be depending on my mood, because Next Stop’s tour won’t be until the end of March, so there is still plenty of time to read it.

Here is my TBR!! (Edit on 20-2: three hours after this post got up I was approved for The Dress in the Window by Robert Tregoning)

Netgalley TBR February

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