New Releases I Hope To Read March 2024

New Releases I Hope To Read March 2024

Greetings all~

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A very happy welcome to a new post! It is time to share my New Releases of March I WOULD LOVE TO READ!!

Again, what is up with this year? It still feels like early February, no wait, maybe January, but it is already almost MARCH! WHAT???? But this month was pretty decent. I visited my dad twice (and one time there was a fun bingo event), my birthday happened (and it was a lot of fun with yummy food, a few museum, and great presents), Valentines Day was fun (we ordered dinner and watched Haunted Mansion on Disney Plus), Coco is doing well (still full puberty, but cute as well and we are starting a new course, fun class with agility/obstacles), I am getting itchy hands and want to start gardening now that things are starting to pop up and starting blooming, there were library visits, fun Pokemon Go moments, and more. Despite the month flying by I did have a lot of fun! I am looking forward to March~

And reading-wise it was also a good month! I had fun reading several books, plus I bought some new books and I am reading my way through them.

This upcoming month? There are so many releases I am looking forward to. Dutch and English! I didn’t expect there to be that many. The last few months have been pretty quiet, but I guess March is a hot month for new releases. Bring it! I won’t be reading them all in the specific month, but I hope to at least be able to check out several~

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The Baker and the Bard by Fern Haught, LGBT, Adventure, quests, two characters (baker and a bard) sitting on the roof during sunset, lgbtThe Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra by Karen Foxlee, Freda Chiu, Girl walking on the beach with a hydra in the sea, mystery, fantasy, children's booksCanine Detective Chris, Vol. 2 The Shiba Inu Detective Investigates a Haunted Mansion! by Tomoko Tabe, KeG, Dog and two kids, mystery, children's book, light novel, cuteMurder Road by Simone St. JamesRainbow! Volume 1 by Sunny + Gloomy, Girl blushing with a boy next to her, graphic novel, young adult, imaginationUnder This Red Rock by Mindy McGinnis, Girl in rocks, horror, mystery, lgbt, monsters, mental health

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