Review for A Damsel Not in Distress!

Review for A Damsel Not in Distress!

A Damsel Not in Distress! by Bethany Stevens, Girl floating in the pond with a unicorn floatie, princess, damsel, fantasy, picture book, funI received this book from Edelweiss/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just love children’s books that flip the standard tropes upside down and present us with something fun and different. I have been enjoying books like this which feature damsels but let them kick some ass. From princesses who fight dragons and save knights to princesses who rather save themselves. And in this one we meet a girl who has been having a great time in a tall tower in the middle of nowhere deep in a valley somewhere.

But cue in the narrator making a fuss about it, even going so far as to offend the poor girls grandmother shock. We see that our girl isn’t happy with this and also the other things. She is just having a good time. Reading books to the animals of the forest. Having a fun time in the bubble bath. But the narrator makes it seem that it is all doom and despair and I just LOVED seeing our damsel get more and more frustrated with the narrator and also with the two boys selected to “save” her. I just loved it when she took matters in her own hands and showed the boys and the narrator that she can save herself and that is just having a good time in the tower. Those poses on the dragon made me laugh! I was just rooting for our damsel and hoping that the narrator would just see the error of his ways and shut up. Go away, find another damsel who does want to have that narration. This girl just wants to have a relaxing day reading, doing yoga, and other things.

I loved how the story ended and it made me smile so much. Especially the last page with the credits had me in stitches.

The illustrations were just so fun and I love the style. I love how colourful they were. Plus, the expressions on the princess/damsel were A-Plus.

All in all, be sure to read this book! It is fun. Creative. And will make you laugh!

Star rating, 4 stars

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