Review for Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animal Tales

Review for Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animal Tales

Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet The Lucky Foal and Other Animal Tales by Julian Norton, horse, vet, storiesThe newest Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet! This time greedy pigs, alpacas, a cow with a problem, and more!

I was so excited that there was a new book in this series, the first book was just oodles of fun to read! And this book? Just as fun!

In this book we encounter a whole group of animals again, some stories are sad, some are funny, some had me worried as to whether the animal would be fine or not, and I loved reading them all! I loved the variety of animals that we read about. We get tortoises, alpacas, llamas, but also pigs (very hungry ones) and goats and horses. There are ten stories in total and each one was just a delight. The writing style is just a-plus, this is one of those books that I read in one go. I just fly through. I cannot stop reading it is just that fun.

We also get one story about how our vet has to judge a contest, which sounds easy (well apart from the whole all the animals are just so cute/fun/sweet) but given that most of these peeps are clients at his vet practice who tried to bribe him. Haha. I could imagine he was so happy when he was done with the day. XD Oh, and some stories just had me going URGH or EWW. Like the one with the tiny goat and what she had on her face or the one with the llama and the broken jaw. No thank you.

My favourite story would be the tortoise that wouldn’t wake up/not eat and thus had to be encouraged to eat, and on second place definitely the one about the alpaca who had to get braces/bandages so she could walk.

Just like the previous book I really liked the illustrations, for the animals that is. Humans/other things were a bit odd at times.

All in all, bring me more books by this Yorkshire Vet! I want to read more of his adventures and see what animals he helps out next!

Star rating, 5 stars

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