Review for Dinosaur Club: On the Trail of the T.Rex

Review for Dinosaur Club: On the Trail of the T.Rex

Dinosaur Club On the Trail of the T. rex by Rex Stone + Louise Forshaw, Purple background with a t.rex in the foreground, children's books, dinosaurs, adventure, funA very fun adventure book about two kids who can travel back to the Dinosaur time!

This is one of the World Book Day books, I ordered some more as Amazon had them, and this is the first that came in! I am so happy because I was definitely in for a dinosaur + adventure book!

A note, I have NOT read the other books in the series. I just was hunting for World Book Day books and I saw this big bad boy T.Rex and it sounded a lot of fun so I just ordered it. And I am happy I did because I had oodles and oodles of fun with this short novella. In this book two kids, Jamie and Tess, can travel back to time via a cave and visit dinosaurs! Imagine how cool that would be for a dinosaur lover? I would DIE if I would find such a cave. I would not even want to return, haha. This time we travel to the Cretaceous time, and from what I can gather depending on the item you have with you (fossils and such) you can travel to the three time periods. With a little hop and following of a trail of footprints. I really loved that, and seriously I just wanted to go with these kids!

And quickly the adventure starts! The kids meet up with a friend (cutely named Wanna), but what is this? A BIG BIG BAD T.Rex. Well, OK, I guess he is not too bad. I mean, if I had a tooth in my tail or body parts I would also be ticked off and roar and growl and smush and crush things. Come on, who wouldn’t? I was so proud of this duo that, instead of running away, they decide to help out the T.Rex. Yes, it is dangerous, but they want to help him. And they concoct all sorts of plans to A) Not get eaten and B) Get that tooth out! It was really exciting, adventurous and fun!

The ending was also a good one! I loved seeing more of the surroundings and what was walking (or flying) by.

Oh, and we even get some extra information on the time periods + dinosaurs! Which I just LOVE. Always a plus if authors add this~

I also love that there is a whole dinosaur club from all over the world and that they share tips/fun facts, and more! Including a girl from my country~

The illustrations by Louise Forshaw, LOVE LOVE, as expected! Her dinosaurs are perfect and I love the character designs as well.

All in all, if you love dinosaurs and adventure and fun illustrations I would recommend this book. And this girl? She is going to see if she can get the other books in the Dinosaur Club series!

Star rating, 5 stars

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