Review for Gazing at the Star Next Door, Vol.1

Review for Gazing at the Star Next Door, Vol.1

Gazing at the Star Next Door 1 by Ammitsu, Boy and girl gazing at the reader, romance, cute, friends to lovers, fameI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE LOVE a friends to lovers story and that cover was also so cute! So this one I had to request! I am so happy I got the chance to read this one~

In this one we meet a girl named Chiaki who has a MAJOR crush on her childhood friend Subaru. There is just one problem. Subaru is now on the road to becoming the hottest model/actor in Japan. You can imagine that this makes confessing your feelings harder, especially when you think that you are not worthy enough to be with him. So I was rooting for Chiaki, hoping she would at least give it a shot, at least try it. And while we see she is trying to set her mind on other things, she is also falling harder and harder for Subaru. And who can blame her. I mean, he is hot that is for sure, but he is also quite sweet, adorable, and kind. One time when Chiaki was in trouble with a guy from a mixer (she fangirled hard on Subaru and the guy wasn’t happy) he came around to help her out and yes, I know that is bad for feminism these days (geez) but I found it utterly sweet and was swooning.

I loved that Subaru wasn’t just a childhood friend but also was often found at Chiaki’s home because his mom was working hard and he came to eat dinner, relax, help out Chiaki’s little sister, or just be there to have some company. I can however imagine that it makes it all the harder to confess as Chiaki at times feels a bit more like Subaru’s mom, haha.

There was just one thing, while I did like Chiaki in overall, I was a bit tired of her grumpy attitude/dere dere attitude. Subaru would do something or another and she would huff and puff. And while I guess Subaru found it adorable, I just wished she stopped doing that. It is not cute.

My favourite moments of the manga would be the pancake part (Chiaki made pancakes for Subaru) and how he reacted to it. But also the last chapter with them having to hide from fangirls had me go EEEP! You can just SEE the sparks fly between them even more than in earlier chapters. You can just SEE that all it needs is one of them to confess, to finally open up, and I am sure that they can start a relationship. Well, I guess the next part is figuring out how to do a relationship with Subaru’s fame, we all know how fangirls will get. Or how his management will react. But I do hope that in the next volume they are able to get those feelings out.

The art was just so gorgeous, I really love it. There are some scenes that just made me go dokidoki (I am sorry, but Subaru is normally already hot but sometimes he just levels up).

All in all, I love this childhood friends to lovers story and I do hope that we get to see them finally confess. Plus, I would like to see Subaru’s POV one day. Even a chapter would make me happy. I will keep on reading, looking forward to each new volume!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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