Review for If You’ll Have Me

Review for If You’ll Have Me

If You'll Have Me by Eunnie, Two girls on the cover staring at the other, romance, lgbt, lesbianAn adorable read of finding love, and more!

😍Cute characters though it took me a bit to get used to PG given how she seemed to just play around with every girl and I was just very unsure about her intentions for a good part of the book. Yes, it really seemed she was interested in Momo and I could see her trying hard to make Momo happy, be there for her, do fun things with her exclusively, but yet I wondered if that was all real or a play, that is why I was happy we did get some PG POV moments.
😍Momo on the other hand, she is just such a cinnamon roll and so cute! I loved her enthusiasm and I was also proud to see her get a bit more secure in her feelings/brave in things + also dared to just say no. I also liked that we got some backstory on her in high school, though I really wanted to give her a hug and that person a big slap.
😍Adorable and fun art that just made me smile!
😍A spark that got more and more with each bit of the story. I loved seeing Momo and PG get closer and I was just hoping that they would start dating, that this was all real and that they would dare to take the leap even with the comments from classmates/friends/past (secrets).
😍 I love that Momo has heterochromia, though it wasn’t until someone mentioned it that I noticed it. Haha.
😍Three things. Friendship + fandoms and how cute Momo got about that show + that this takes place in uni (we need more stories like this).

🫤I wasn’t happy that Momo would just throw away something so important to her to be with a person she is interested in. I would have rather have her call a friend and ask them to pick it up for her, that would just have been better. 🫤There were some drama moments that I wasn’t such a fan off and wished were solved sooner with better communication.

But all in all, I had tons of fun! And I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all! Be sure to check out this cute and adorable YA LGBT graphic novel!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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