Review for Lion Lessons

Review for Lion Lessons

Lion Lessons by Jon Agee, Big lion and a boy dressing as a lion roaring, picture book, funnyYou probably know knitting lessons or yoga, or maybe something else creative, but do you know lion lessons?

In this superduper fun and original book we meet a boy who wants to follow some very special lessons. Namely Lion Lessons! Yep! How do you become a lion. How do you embody a lion? Well, this little boy is going to learn it all in some very lessons. Of course, the first step to Lion Lessons is dressing like a lion and the store has plenty of outfits for every size. Because you just can’t do lion lessons while looking like a human, duh. You can’t just walk around and act like a lion, no you need to become a lion! Fully embrace it! Shake your mane! Shake your tail!

I loved seeing what these lessons entailed and I wish I could participate in them. I guess, I could, I mean, I could do them in my own room, but it is just not the same. The lessons include roaring, growling, and more lion noises (very important of course, you need to show everyone who is boss) to having a good condition (I mean, lions are pretty lazy at times but if they are hungry you need to be able to hunt that yummy snack) and many other lessons. I loved that, despite it not being the easiest and the lion being quite strict, the boy kept going and just didn’t give up. He really tried to find his inner-lion! How he found it in the end? Well, I won’t spoil it, but I loved every bit of it! Good job!

And then there is the last part. I would love to follow these lessons, but a bit unsure about the side-effects at the end. I guess for the boy it is a bonus, he is clearly happy with it!

The art was just fantastic, I love it!

I really enjoyed this book. Giggled, laughed, cheered, and now I really want to have those lion-lessons for real! I would recommend this fun book to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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