Review for Loving You When the World Ended

Review for Loving You When the World Ended

Loving You When the World Ended by Gene, One fancy guy holding a drink while in the lap of someone dressed as butler, apocalypse, romance, lgbtI received this manhua from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

There were new manhua on Netgalley and I couldn’t resist. I mean, hello fujoshi here. XD And I decided the apocalypse one was definitely the first to go be read!

🥰 I love the little moments between Nuowan and Yu, yes the forced kisses at times were a bit eh, but the other parts? You are just hoping that they get together and become lovers. Seriously, despite their differences I just could see sparks between them all the time. So cute!
🥰 That it is set in an apocalypse setting, you don’t go on dates, you cannot just do all the fancy stuff you normally do before starting to date, plus you don’t know how long one can live. So you are really rooting for the couple.
🥰 Yu Sen was by far my favourite character. Not just because of how he looks swoon but also because he is capable, and despite being Nuowan being the way he is… Yu Sen sticks to him and helps him out. Though the dude is really dense about his feelings, haha, when he had that realization I was like, FINALLY boo. Now go get your guy!
🥰 I do love that the two characters were so vastly different. We have a rich boy who is suddenly finding out that no, your lambos and your fanciness aren’t working here and whose life was just all easy and we have a man who has been in the military for a big part of his life before ending up as a waiter. While Nuowan did get on my nerves at times, I just cannot help but love the helpless guy/strong capable guy trope.
🥰 The guy, firefighter dude, they met in the second part. I really liked him a lot. OK, saying it is consent when someone sleeps over is a no, but other than that he was really fun and sweet and I loved how he kept trying to find people. Try to help everyone.
🥰 That COVER!
🥰 I LOVE the chapter images. Oh my, those were just so well done! swoon
🥰 The ending was rushed, but I really liked it either way because it was just so cute and sexy!
🥰 The art was really pretty and I love the style!
🥰 I love that we got the after the apocalypse parts, or well, not technically after but more like a follow-up on what we saw in the last chapter. I am happy that these parts were added and that we saw how everyone was doing.

🤔 Confusingly the chapters are days, but after the first chapter a year has passed so I was very confused when the chapter mentioned day 2. I can kinda see that they wanted to be creative with the chapter names but don’t just go to a year later.
🤔 I also found the time skip a bit of a shame. I would have rather seen them get by first without them going from nothing (the hotel) to living in the wild and hunting animals. Not to mention that given how our prince reacted it never really felt like a year later, it is that the rest of the world is in more tatters and things are dire otherwise I would have thought it was just a few days later.
🤔 How is our prince boy still so incompetent after a year. I mean, in the second chapter he was all proud he captured a bunny. Hello? It’s been a year? I guess it is good that he has the help of someone because otherwise he would have died on day 2 (actual day 2). But in the second chapter he stupidly goes out and then gets captured, almost raped, and is totally useless. LORD.
🤔 Some of the drama in regards to Does he love me? What is love? Why is he jealous? Why won’t he do something? just got a bit on my nerves to be honest. I get it, we need more tension, and tension can be good, but at points it was just a bit much. I really wanted to just lock them up in a room and not let them out until they had talked.
🤔 We still have NO clue what happened in the apocalypse and the manhua ends on a strange note that made me more confused about things. I would have liked a bit more information on what the heck happened.

All in all though I really had fun reading this one and I am glad I got the chance.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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