Review for Monster Hunting #2: Monsters Bite Back

Review for Monster Hunting #2: Monsters Bite Back

Monsters Bite Back by Ian Mark, Blue cover with three characters underwater, monsters, fantasy, magicIt is time for a new quest! We are going to Scotland! For nuns with silly names, for monsters in the lake, for strange hooded men, and more!

I was so excited when I saw this book at the library, this time I had the chance to read it in English. The first book I read in Dutch.

In this one our trio (Jack, his master Stoop, and his friend Nancy) are on a new mission. Between this and the book it seemed there were other missions, but not that big to mention or fill a whole book. But this time there is a big big mission. One that required a bit of lying to get Stoop to take the mission, but hey, I can forgive a lie in this case. I mean, otherwise we would have missed out on a whole epic adventure including some extra backstories on the characters (mostly Stoop, but someone else related to Jack also makes an appearance and that just made me happy).

In this book we head to Scotland which already starts bumpy when our trio are travelling through Seven Miles Boots and encounter a wall of mist and some mischievous monsters. And from that point on the whole book is a hilarious, over the top, silly, fantastic story filled with monsters, adventure, did I mention the strange hooded men (or is it just one guy who is popping up everywhere)? I just couldn’t stop reading and I just read on and on and on. I really loved seeing Nancy and Jack (and of course Jack and Stoop) do their things, but also see Nancy taking the spotlight at times and show that she can also be a great monster hunter.

Oh, and Scotland means Nessie. Well, be ready for that!

I just LOVE the humour in this one and how much there is crammed into it. Next to excitement over the monsters and the adventure you will laugh yourself silly.

Just like the previous book we get footnotes (which makes everything better) and parts from the Monster Hunting for Beginners book. I really love that these are back in this one, I just love footnotes. Yes, my ADHD is getting a bit distracted by them, but they are fun to read. Plus, the notes on monsters are fun, getting to know them a bit better. I would so love a separate book with just the monsters and tips for how to be a monster hunter.

Big plus points to the nuns and their names, I just had a big laugh about that. And not just me, I just had to share the nun’s names with my hubby and so he was laughing just as  much as I was.

I also love how everything comes together in the end, there is a big battle, tons of excitement, and some secrets coming out. EEP!

And the illustrations are still 100% fab!

All in all, I could talk more about this one but I will keep it at this, I would HIGHLY recommend this hilarious book to all. Be sure to check out this series!

Star rating, 5 stars

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