Review for Neko to Kiss/A Kiss with a Cat, Vol.1

Review for Neko to Kiss/A Kiss with a Cat, Vol.1

A Kiss with a Cat, Vol. 1 by Miko Senri, Girl and a boy with a cat between them, shifters, romance, fantasy, mangaWhat if a boy you know changes into a cat… oh and you are his new owner?

This one was one of the manga I got during the latest sale for Kodansha’s manga. I was curious about it. It sounded a bit weird, but also very cute.

😆 When Erina finds out who that cute cat is in her garden, and that is her grumpy/aloof classmate, Nekoyama-kun (and yes, his name fits perfect). Oh, and btw, he is naked EACH time he transforms back from a cat. Which yes, you can imagine how that works out for everyone. Well, OK, mostly for Erina as she is the one who gets to see that a lot of the time. He was pretty cool as a cucumber about it, but boy, you can imagine that people may just be shocked/react a tad differently. I mean, if a cat I just gave a little kiss turned into a hot boy, NAKED, I would also be like WTF!!!
🤔 I was a bit on the fence about the consent part. Nekoyama has to kiss either Erina or another animal to turn into a cat and vice versa. There were a couple of situations that had me go, no, Nekoyama you cannot just KISS Erina like that. I am glad that in the end he knew he couldn’t just kiss her and respected her boundaries. That made me happy.
🫤 On that part, the bathroom bit was just a bit eh. I get that Erina’s family member didn’t know about Nekoyama and being a shifter, but Nekoyama could at least have made sure he wasn’t anywhere near that bathroom so that wouldn’t have happened.
😊 I like that Erina and Nekoyama got closer. At first she was all huffy and puffy about things, but you could see them connect as the story continued. So yes, I am shipping them.
😮 I need to know more about Nekoyama and how he turns into a cat all the time (yes, by kissing, but what caused him to become a cat in the first place). Plus, he told Erina there are probably more of him, changing in animals, and I need to know who is next. I do hope it is NOT a love rival or an enemy, but friends. It would be fun to get to meet another animal shifter in the next volume.
😻 Kitties. You can always make me happy with a book about kitties.
😍 The cover is just so cute! It really shows the traits of the characters (Nekoyama a bit aloof, Erina haughty) and then the cat it all is about in the middle.
🥰 I did like the fact that Nekoyama chooses to be a cat so many times. I guess that is the most comfortable to him? And I guess a free home (yes, he lives with Erina now) is always a good one to have.
😘 I also liked finding out more about Nekoyama, his likes and dislikes.

And oh yes, the art! I really liked the art.

All in all, this was a fun manga that I am definitely interested in on continuing. I want to know more about Nekoyama, see Erina and Nekoyama bond more, see more animal shifters! I would recommend this. Yes, the consent in the start is a bit iffy and there are a few moments that had me scratching my head, but in overall, I am happy!

Star rating, 4 stars

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