Review for The Grumpus: And His Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan

Review for The Grumpus: And His Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan

The Grumpus And His Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan by Alex T. Smith, Monster on the cover with Christmas decorations, christmas, humour, fantasy, children's booksA delightful Christmas tale!

Remember the Grinch? Well say hello to Grumpus! He is a grumpy grumpy character but during this book he will find happiness and warmth! But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with how the journey for the Grumpus all started. With brusselsprouts. Yes. You see, the Grumpus has one food he loves the absolute most, brusselsprouts. Now, I do agree with him that they are yummy, but I wouldn’t go into a rage-quit about Christmas because I don’t find them. Haha. But the Grumpus? He does. And I was just laughing my butt off at this grumpy bean of a monster. I was curious to see what adventures he would have on his way to Santa Claus (yes, THE Santa Claus) and if he would find some happiness along the way! Because seriously, a guy who talks to a stick (I should say The Stick) and never wears another thing other than his favourite sweater? That one needs some love! I loved seeing him change bit by bit as the story continued. We see him grow a heart and it made me smile. Yes, he still had his grumpy moments ( but then again tell me who doesn’t have those) but he was just more and more happy with things. Doubting his plan a few times even because would it really be right? It is just like in the Grinch story, The Grumpus’ heart grew a few sizes. Starting living. At the beginning I already liked this grumpy guy (though at times I just wanted to give him either a hug or a shake given his thoughts), but as the story continued I liked him more and more and I am just so happy for him.

I loved all the characters we meet along the way. Well, OK, to be honest, Furball? I was this close to yeeting that little one a few times throughout the book. Sorry, I am just not that much into preppy/don’t get the hint side characters. Furball did get better and I liked her more as the story continued, but especially in the beginning I just wasn’t too happy with her. But the other characters we meet? Yes, I liked them! I loved it when they met that couple and the sheep + wool and what happened next!

The geese and how they helped our Grumpus + Furball gave me flashbacks to Niels Holgerson and his adventures. I loved that the geese were willing to help out even though The Grumpus isn’t the smallest package, haha.

The ending, well, it felt like I was reading a Harlequin romance novel, aka, here is the part where things come out and suddenly communicating is HARDDDDDDD. rolls eyes I am at least glad that things went better afterwards, it took some magic, some teamwork, but they got there. And the really last part just made me smile so so much as it was just so sweet and holiday-filled happiness. I am so happy for The Grumpus!

The illustrations? They were a dream, I really loved them so much and wouldn’t mind having some of these illustrations as Christmas decorations!

I would HIGHLY recommend this fun and delightful holiday story to all! Adventure! Finding love and happiness. Christmas! Wool! And more~

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