Review for Things in the Basement

Review for Things in the Basement

Things in the Basement Ben Hatke, Picture Book, Boy standing on top of the stairs leading to a messy spooky basement, mystery, adventure, graphic novelAn exciting and magical journey to find a sister’s sock! In the basement!

A big big thank you to Santa for giving me this one during Christmas! And this was my first read of 2024! And what a read it was~

Meet a small boy named Milo. His family just moved into a new home and he immediately gets the quest to go to the basement and find his little sister’s sock. Well, for Milo going to the basement itself is a journey, but wait until you see the real journey he is going to that will have those of you with these kinds of basement wonder what is lurking in YOUR basement. Will you explore or will you leave it alone? Well, Milo in this story is dedicated to get his little sister’s sock back (AWW) and he is going for it! Though I am pretty sure he didn’t expect it to be THIS kind of big expedition filled with danger and monsters and ghosts and more.

Because there is a whole world in the Basement. Each time you think things cannot go deeper or more into the dark but then there is a door. Or a slide. Or another twisty road that leads deeper and deeper into this new world. I really loved exploring the world and I found Milo incredibly brave. I mean, I am not sure if I would have been that brave given some of the things he sees and experiences. That is why I was so proud and I was rooting for Milo so much. He really wants to go for that sock. His love for his sister makes him find courage and face his fears. Not to mention that along the way he makes friends, has to make decisions, and has a new mission next to the sock.

I loved the Basement world and all that dwells there. From cute monsters to ghosts to scary things. There are cathedrals and caves. There are mazes and doors. It was a really magical place and I just loved seeing each bit of it. And know that there is probably enough more to explore.

At times I thought it may just be all in his mind, kids have a big imagination after all, but given that ending, that sock, I would dare bet it was all real. And I love that.

The art by Ben Hatke is once again A-plus, I really love his work.

All in all, if you are looking for a magical, fantastic journey into the Basement World and see a boy conquer his fears, be sure to check out this epic graphic novel!

Star rating, 5 stars

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