Six for Sunday ~ 11-2-2024: Pink/Red Covers

Six for Sunday ~ 11-2-2024: Pink/Red Covers

Good evening~

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A happy welcome to a new Six for Sunday, it’s been a while! But today I am sharing 6 gorgeous (and romance related) pink covers!

I am so happy that I was able to do a new Six for Sunday! It’s been a while, the prompts weren’t always my cup of tea, but this week I just HAD to be part! I do love a good red or pink cover + it’s almost Valentine’s Day so what better time to share these covers than now! I went through my list and decided that since I don’t have a lot of red covers I would do pink ones. And all of them are romance either in part or fully. I would recommend them all. Well, OK, there is one book I haven’t read yet (Rainbow!, Vol.1) as it isn’t out yet, but going by the blurb I am sure it will be fab~ Oh, and there is one Dutch book there, but the original language is English so you can go to the GR link and check the editions listed.

Oh, and be sure to check out last year’s choices!

The Six for Sunday is normally made by Steph from Alittlebutalot. Each week features a new theme in which bloggers have to find 6 books/characters/other things. But since she hasn’t been adding new prompts these prompts are from Chonky Books (check her blog out here) who decided to make her own! So happy that SfS is still going strong~

De Cubaanse dochter by Soraya M. Lane
Wedding Peach Luxury Edition by Nao Yazawa
If You'll Have Me by Eunnie, Two girls on the cover staring at the other, romance, lgbt, lesbian
Boyfriends Volume One by refrainbow, Pink cover with boys on the cover, lgbt, university, graphic novel, romance
How I Met My Soulmate 1 by Anashin, Boy wearing sunglasses and a hat staring at you, romance, manga
Rainbow! Volume 1 by Sunny + Gloomy, Girl blushing with a boy next to her, graphic novel, young adult, imagination

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