Top 10 Books February 2024

Top 10 Books February 2024

Hey all~

Top February books

A happy welcome to a new Top 10 post! February just FLEW by. waves

This month was pretty decent. I guess. Haha. I mean my birthday was there and it was a lot of fun (including great presents and yummy food and a fun day out). Then there was Valentine’s Day and it was cosy and sweet. I visited my dad a few times and one time there was a bingo event so my dad and I became team daughter-dad and though he was a bit grumpy at times you saw he had fun which made me happy. And there were other events this month that made me smile. I also love seeing my garden come to life again bit by bit and I really get an itch to get to working but I know that there can still be days that it is cold so I will have to take it step by step.
Coco is still going full puberty demon and really testing our boundaries/limits, hopefully not much longer! But other than some demon tendencies she is a very big cutie and very sweet. She definitely loves her hugs! Oh, and we are starting a new class with her now she is a year+, she can now go to a fun class which means obstacles and all that stuff. We think she will love it!

Reading-wise it was a good month! I had 4 Five+ starred books and 14 (17 if you count re-reads) Five starred reads! Yesssss~

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Wedding Peach Luxury Edition by Nao Yazawa
Review to come Mid-March
Shadowhall Academy The Whispering Walls by Phil Hickes, group of girls at night, boarding school, young adult
Review to come March 8th
I want 100 dogs by Stacy McAnulty, Claire Keane, a girl in the middle of a 100 dogs, funny, cute, picture book
Review to come March 10th
The Witch's Wings and Other Terrifying Tales by Tehlor Kay Meji
The Fine Print by Lauren Asher, Dreamland Billionaires, romance, adult, blue cover with a castle on it
Dinosaur Club On the Trail of the T. rex by Rex Stone + Louise Forshaw, Purple background with a t.rex in the foreground, children's books, dinosaurs, adventure, fun
Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros
Review to come March
Gorgeous Gruesome Faces by Linda Cheng, Horror, K-pop, competition, lgbt, horror, Girl's face up and close with make-up and glitter and blood,
Me vs Brain An Overthinker’s Guide to Life by Hayley Morris
Review to come March/April
Lenny Lemmon and the Trail of Crumbs by Ben Davis and James Lancett, orange cover with a boy and a dog, humour, children's books

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