Top 5 Tuesday: 20-2-2024: Top 5 books about music

Top 5 Tuesday: 20-2-2024: Top 5 books about music


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Welcome all to a new Top 5 Tuesday~ Today I decided to go for last week’s topic! Music!

While I would LOVE to gush about libraries, I have my reasons on why not. So I decided to go for music. I do love music in books. Be it bands. Be it kids trying out music instruments. Be it idols and pop stars. So I was eager to go through my shelves and find some music-related books to share! I didn’t go for one specific music thing, I did a nice mix of things~ Plus, manga to kids book to comics.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my choices + if you have some fun recommendations! I am definitely on the lookout for more idol books~


Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is my absolute privilege and pleasure to say that it is now being hosted here, at Meeghan reads!! Each week there is a new theme and you need to find 5 books that fit the theme in one way or another! From TBRs to finding items on covers to books with themes, there are all sorts of fun prompts~

Aven Green Music Machine by Dusti Bowling , Gina Perry, Children's Book, Music, Talent Show, Humour, Cute, Illustrations,
Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince
The Yakuza's Bias 1 Teki Yatsuda, K-pop, Humour, Silly, Music, Boyband, Yakuza, Manga, Man, Smoke, Bias
A Song in the Mist Corrinne Averiss , Fiona Woodcock, Blue, Panda, Music, Melody, Picture Book, Children's Books
Idol Gossip: A K-Pop dream come true by Alexandra Leigh Young, Young Adult, Music, K-pop, Sister, Family, Music, Friendship, Girl, Glasses

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