Book Haul February 2024

Book Haul February 2024

Hi all!

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A big welcome to a new Book Haul post! Today I am sharing with you my February additions~

A pretty great month February was! My Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and other events. OK, and some stress/mental health stuff, but this month was by far better than January.

I had quite a bit of luck with books this month! I found quite a few fun books to buy! I am now back to just checking books I want daily to see if the prices are somewhat normal that day, haha. And I also bought a few books over at because for some reason Amazon stated a whole different release day whereas kept the OG date.

I had 4 pre-orders, well, actually 5, but one got cancelled. It is the World Book Day books that are on top of the stack. I am already glad I got 4 of 5 and I hope that I still am able to get the 5th book, maybe I will just get the ebook.

Another pre-order but on my Kindle was: Fever Dreams by Bethany Russo (not read yet as it just released). And I also added Stink #1 by Jenny McLachlan (read) and Best Love (read) to my Kindle.

I still need to read 4 books of this stack (2 which I got last week so I haven’t had time to read them yet) and one I am currently TRYING to read (The Fake Dating Game) but not sure if I will continue or just go for another book, it is not a bad one, but it is just not pulling me in. But all in all, I am happy with that I read most of the stack and the others will be read when I get to them~

Oh, and be sure to check out my Birthday Book Haul. All those books were just fabulous!

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Dread Wood: Creepy Creations by Jennifer Killick
The Amazing Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission by Rosie Jones
Loki: Tales of a Bad God by Louie Stowell
On the Trail of a T-rex by Rex Stone, Louise Forshaw
The Fake Dating Game by Timothy Janovsky
Meer dan boeven vangen by Fred Teeven
Xoxo by Axie Oh
Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey
Things that go Bump by Kathryn Foxfield, Robin Boyden
Lenny Lemmon and the Trail of Crumbs by Ben Davis
Shadowhall Academy by Phil Hickes
Shiver Point: A Tap at the Window by Gabriel Dylan
The Detention Detectives by Lis Jardine
I Want 100 Dogs by Stacy McAnulty, Claire Keane
Self-Care by Kenny Rubenis

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