Library Haul ~ 28-3-2024 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 28-3-2024 (Library #1)

Hi all!

A delightful welcome to my newest Library #1 haul! WHAT a HAUL!

I had one book at home and one reservation at the library. That meant I had 13 spaces left. Well, I can tell you, I had to get one more space, thankfully you can do that, it costs an euro (which isn’t too cheap so I don’t do it that often, but I am happy they have this service). But I just HAD to bring all these book babies back home. I was in so much luck with my haul this time. Sometimes you just cannot find much at the library and other times my bag is just overflowing with fantastic books that I am dying to read! They really added a lot of new books, especially English ones.

I am so excited that they are adding, FINALLY, some new manga to the mix! I picked up Pokemon Black & White’s first three volumes along with I Hear Your Sunspot and I also saw they will be adding Spy x Family! dances I cannot wait what else they will be adding this year, I was already thinking that their manga collection was just not happening anymore. But I guess their budget is really small and last year they just went through it all in one go.

SO yeah, I got a lot of new books to read and I am hyped!

STATS: 15 books!!! 4 manga, 4 non-fiction, 7 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Pokemon Black & White #1 by Hidonori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto
Pokemon Black & White #2 by Hidonori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto
Pokemon Black & White #3 by Hidonori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto
I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino
Dikke huid by Irmgard Tummers
Naar buiten met jonge kinderen by Denise Enthoven
The Other Lives of Miss Emily White by A.J. Elwood
Dolende zielen by Cecile Pin
Oversharing by Jane Fallon
The Hike by Lucy Clarke
Sisters Under the Rising Sun by Heather Morris
Pistache & Soda: Het liefdesdrankje by Paul Battault
Kind in Indië by Michelle van den Berg
Black Ballerinas by Misty Copeland
De treinreis Tess en Tom #2 by Bart Haans

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    1. Thank you! And so far I am enjoying them~

      Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful Easter~ 🌟🐣🥰😍

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