Mini World Book Day 2024 Reviews for Dreadwood: Creepy Creations + Loki: Tales of a Bad God + Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission

Mini World Book Day 2024 Reviews for Dreadwood: Creepy Creations + Loki: Tales of a Bad God + Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission

Three books from the World Book Day series! From monsters to gods to friendship! These three were so fun!

Each year I look forward to World Book Day books, sometimes I can get them easily from Amazon, other years it is a bit more hunting. This year, from the 5 I ordered 4 were delivered and one was cancelled. A pretty good haul! And in this review I will have a small review for three books Creepy Creations + Loki: Tales of a Bad God + Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission! Three really fun books all three from series I love!

First up The Amazing Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission, which I gave Star rating, 4.5 stars! This was the shortest of the 3 books, with around 40 pages. It was a lot of fun though I felt for Edie at times because the new girl Mia was so rude towards her. We later learn why she was like that, but I just wished she had spoken up about her troubles sooner and not let someone feel like crap. I loved how Edie tried to make friends with Mia, tried to learn how to converse with someone who is Deaf, learns some sign language and is eager to learn more. I really found that sweet.
I am also happy to see Flora and Oscar again! So happy that Flora and Edie are still together and still being 100% adorable together.
I loved seeing Mia and Benjamin get a bit closer to our friend-group, well for most it is Benjamin. It was fun to see him explain the differences in English, like jam and jelly. The book also has fun illustrations~ All in all, I am very happy that I was able to read this book and I definitely will have to get the second (normal-sized) book of Edie Eckhart because it really seems my library isn’t getting it.

Next up is Dreadwood: Creepy Creations which I gave Star rating, 4.5 stars! This is a novella set in the Dreadwood series. I haven’t read books 3 or 4 yet, but it seems we don’t miss out much if you don’t read those. In this one things will get creepy. Be prepared for another lullaby to get creepified and not be the same as before poop hit the fan. I mean, this gets CREEPY. And I have so many questions in regards to the school and HOW NO ONE NOTICED. We are going into the deeper, darker, scarier bits of the school. Yes, there are still scary places to discover. Say hello to the basement. Yes. Basement. With scary rooms, laboratories, and new horrors that are HUNGRY. Oh, and some old “friends”. It got really spooky and scary! So many teeth. I loved seeing our characters again and I love how close they have gotten. Gus is still one of my favourites. And there are so many references to series and shows and I loved it! They gave me some moments to laugh and some air between all the scary things that our group of kids go through.
The one thing that stands out to me, with book 1 I was like, yeah, the Latchitts are crazy. But now after this I just don’t get why they are constantly targeting these kids? It gets a bit weird.
But all in all, this was a really good novella with plenty of horrors.

Loki Tales of a Bad God by Louie Stowell, Blue, Gods, Children's Books, magicLastly we have Loki: Tales of a Bad God which I also gave Star rating, 4.5 stars! This was such a fun novella set in the world of Loki and it was just as if I never left! I really enjoyed the story and seeing what Loki got up to next. This time three tasks and a new parenting book. But also Loki wanting to skip school so he tries to find a way to do that. Which includes robots and magic. Yes, magic. And you can just guess what is going to happen next. I really enjoyed reading this book and while Loki at times is a bit annoying he is still my favourite character of the whole cast here. Yes, he does bad things, but I love that with each book you see that his conscience is growing.
Oh, and we also get some fun mythology when Loki tells the story how Thor almost married a giant! Oh, and of course, there are tons of fun illustrations, a sentient diary is here again as well, and more!

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