Review for A Charming Mystery

Review for A Charming Mystery

A Charming Mystery by Kelly Swan Taylor, Mason and Tessa walking past a jewellery storeI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review!

The newest book in the Wright Detective series and I was so excited! I just LOVE each of these books and I look forward to each new one. So I was delighted that I could review the newest book again~

In this book a lot of fun things happen! It is not just about that bracelet that Tessa found in the previous book, oh no, there is much more and I loved each bit. Seriously, I just read this book in one go. I just didn’t want to stop, there was just too much fun!

I loved the mystery of the bracelet and see what and who and why. It was well written and I loved getting hints and bit of information about the bracelet. And then the end to this mystery? Oh, my, gosh. That was just the sweetest. I won’t say anything, but believe me, this is one mystery that made me cry as it was solved. Happy tears.

And in this one Tessa celebrates her 14th birthday, congrats to Tessa! And I loved the venue she choose and wish I could be part of the celebrations~

Mason and Tessa are just the cutest, for reals. These two you just want to be forever together. I loved seeing them get a bit bolder/mature with their relationship. I loved what both of them did for the other in this book + also the gifts they gave each other. So sweet!

I loved that we got some sports-related events in this one. Mason and his basketball stuff, but also Tessa who is trying out for running again, though that one takes a lot because mentally her mind is saying no. I really loved that Mason helped her out in this part + also encouraged her to talk to people about it, not hide it inside. And I loved seeing Tessa grow more and more confident and see her be happy with running again. Go Tessa! Oh, and I love her sportsmanship, I am not sure if I had done the same, haha.

And of course Tessa is not alone, we also see enough fun scenes with friends and family! Tessa and her friends are spending a lot of time at a nursing home, visiting residents and bringing some cute cats along, but also making some gorgeous for the residents there! I really loved this plot part and it made me smile.

Oh, and there is much more than this! You will not be bored by anything. That is what I love about these books, and well all books by this writer, they are just so fun. She adds new things to the mix, but it is never too much or overwhelming, it is all just perfectly blended.

I do hope that after the next book, which will take mostly place at the ranch that Tessa will be going to for summer holidays, we will still continue with the series even when the girls are in high school. I don’t want the mysteries to stop, plus I just love the characters to much to say bye to them already.

There was one thing I was not a fan of in this book. And that was that Tessa kept going to Art and entering his room regardless if he wanted her or not, she even enters when he is NOT there and goes through his stuff. You know, that is just a no. It just made me angry. Come on Tessa, no. Just no.

All in all, this was another solid addition to the series and I cannot wait to read about the ranch in the next book! I would highly recommend this book + the series to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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