Review for Hall of Hauntings: Spooky Stories

Review for Hall of Hauntings: Spooky Stories

Hall of Hauntings Spooky Stories by N.S. Ford, Ghost on the stairs, short stories, spooky, horrorI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review!

I had my eyes on this collection for a bit, I got a review copy for N.S. Ford’s other collection Strange Belief (see review here) in October, and I really enjoyed it, so I was eagerly waiting for a new one, and this one promised ghosts, horror, and spooky things, and I just ADORE all of that. Plus, there is something special about short stories, authors really need to capture the scary essence in a short page count which isn’t always easy done. But I can tell you that N.S. Ford did it again. The stories here are perfectly rounded. You get enough information, there is tension and suspense and scary moments, and there is a great ending to each one.

Here is a short bit on each of the stories, I was adding star ratings to each, but then I found out that I would rate them all 4.5 stars. Haha. Yes, this was a consistent short story collection!

Hall of Hauntings: This is the first story and I really really enjoyed it! I mean, sign me up for reality shows, but add ghosts? Either real, or not, and I need it in my life. This was a short but very spooky story and I loved every bit. Especially since you are wondering if the ghosts are real.. or not. It got quite a bit scary and for a short story it was a ride! I wouldn’t mind seeing this one expanded even more.
The Midnight Baker: Another banger! And well, also quite sad, because the history of the bakery and the people who lived there were quite sad. It got spooky when people bought the bakery, at first it seemed like everything would be fine.. but then things happened. I really liked this one!
The Glowing Beauty: What if you move from house to house, often said to be haunted, and expect nothing of it this time round, but what if something is in the house with you? It started a bit slow, it was more sad than scary at points, but still one I really enjoyed reading. I loved that we found out more about the ghost and who it was and why they glow so much (believe me, it is not because they are so spooky).
Oil and Sand: See and right here is why I am a bit hesitant about adding second-hand stuff and art to my walls, haha. This one was quite scary, not just because of the mummy/ghost that haunts our MC, but also because how far it will go to make itself noticed and won’t stop until things are done. I loved that it was tied to a painting and I loved learning why and how it was all tied together. I didn’t know they used THAT for paint! OH NO.
The Last Librarian: Another story that I would die to get a longer version of. For now it is fine as a short one, it really does it job at showing us the despair, giving us a glimpse at this world that has fallen and what lurks outside. It was really a good story and I was constantly on alert. I loved that it took place at a library!
A Haunting Melody: Another story and yet another one why I wouldn’t want second-hand stuff that easily, haha, I just have read one too many horror stories in my life. This was a good one. It was both scary and sad. The ending was unexpected, but it was perfect as well.

And to answer the author’s question, yes, you scared me. Thank you so much! In regards to spooky things, the mummy story won! That was just terrifying.

I cannot wait to see what is next for the author, I know that I will be eagerly waiting for a new short story collection by N.S. Ford!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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