Review for Oh. It’s You.

Review for Oh. It’s You.

Oh. It's You. Love Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano, Cat with a flower crown, poetry, funny, funFinally it is here and I loved EVERY bit of it~ Cute photographs + poetry = win~!

And yes, finally, because I pre-ordered this one in September, the book was supposed to come out in October 3rd, but then the issues began with Amazon. They didn’t have it in stock. A new date came around. No books. But finally end of January and the book came in! I could finally read this one!

I am a giant fan of Francesco Marciuliano’s books, with the exception of Claw the System, I got all of them at home. I just love how he is able to blend cats (and their attitudes) with poetry (and that one book with dogs). And with this new book, aptly named Oh. It’s You. (which is such a catchphrase for cats), he did it again! We have four sections, Hoping, Holding, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO GIVE ME A LITTLE SPACE?!, and lastly Everlasting. I had so much fun reading the poetry, and many of them made me laugh. Once again all from the POV of the cat! About hugs, food, humans, company, presents, and more. And Francesco Marciuliano has captured them so right again. Notice, I do not have a cat myself, sadly, because I am very allergic to them. But I have friends with cats + the internet is there as well. I know how cats can be. For real. Like once, I was changing into my wedding dress at my friend’s place, we were getting ready for my wedding. We had locked the door to the room (which had access to the outside so we could sneak out without going past her cats) because my friend had two cats (one more introvert and the other a real terror). But somehow, don’t ask how, the terror kitty was able to get a bit of my dress through the small gap of the door. Now it is funny, but I can tell you that back then? I was absolutely terrified. That cat was a menace (cute but a menace). XD And I have heard tales from friends + my hubby’s co-workers.

I really enjoyed the poems and loved how they varied from I love yous to I love you but with conditions to Oh but thanks to me you have a friend to Why are you calling me Kitty kitty kitty you want to die?.

Two of my favourites would be:

“Vacation time
Sick leave
Flex time
Whatever you choose to use
Just call your boss this morning
To tell them
I won’t be leaving your chest
until next Tuesday at the earliest.”

“You stare at me
Like you’ve never seen
Someone stretch out on a 12th-floor
balcony guardrail
And I worry
You and I may want different things
out of life.”

And of course, like the others, this one is also full with photographs of cute kitties (and some menaces, but again even those are cute). I was just going awww the whole time!

All in all, I do hope that there are more books to come! I wouldn’t mind another kitten book or maybe another one from dogs.

Star rating, 5 stars

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