Review for Stinetinglers 2

Review for Stinetinglers 2

Stinetinglers 2 10 MORE New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales by R.L. Stine, kid hanging upside down between gnomes, spooky, horror, short stories10 new stories by the master of horror, R.L. Stine! Be prepared for gnomes with stabby arrows, stopwatches that do more than you want, ghosts in the wall, and more!

A big big thank you to my hubby for gifting me this one for my birthday! I am so excited! I really enjoyed the first book and I just needed the second one in my life!

😍 I love the introduction to the book, a personal one by R.L. Stine. Love that last sentence: “Reader, beware. That cold tingle may become a SCREAM!”
😍 And not just that but each story has a personal introduction as well, just like the first book. In which we learn what inspired R.L. Stine to write this story, things from his childhood, or about him being a grandpa. I really loved these personal introductions!
😍 The small illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I just LOVE it when those are added, they just bring something extra to the book. Plus, they were creepy so you got right into the spooky atmosphere of the story!
😍 The variety in the stories. We get gnomes (yes, gnomes, for real, this time special gnomes and beware of their arrows they may be small but can hurt), we get ghosts (but who is the real ghost), we have a stopwatch that does cool things (but is it really so cool as one thinks?), we have a boy with sticky fingers (and a very OMG yes ending), and there is more. I really looked forward to each story and they were all so fun to read.
😍 Each story is spooky and each story definitely kept me awake, haha. And that one with the spiders? HECK NO (is not a fan of spiders).
😍 The endings to each story! Some end up all right, others not so much. Some are definitely a surprise and I loved it.
😍 The cover was A-plus again!
😍 There were plenty of fun twists throughout each of the stories. Like with the Lucky Charm, I had NOT expected that. Or with the egg and what came out of it? Also not expected. Love it!

I wasn’t always a fan of all the characters or the people in their lives. I mean, seriously, Mandy? Deserves a haunting so badly. And Lindy-Sue and Ari can just eat spiders. And those kids in that stopwatch story along with the teacher? What is up with them!

Let’s see my favourite story would definitely be the zoo/gnomes one (I mean gnomes are terrifying, especially when they are meat-eaters) followed by thief one (such a surprise) and then on third place I would pick the Lucky Charm story (for various points).

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone and I seriously hope that we get many more Stinetinglers + other books by this amazing author! I need more!

Star rating, 5 stars

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