Review for The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Bothered

Review for The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Bothered

The Cat Who Couldn't Be Bothered by Jack KurlandI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to request this book when I saw that cover (with the cat just lying there and not in the mood for anything) and the title (which made me laugh).

In this book we meet a cute cat who just CANNOT be bothered. Really. Nothing interests him. Adventures? No thank you. Balls of string? No thank you. Yes, even to that. Haha, I could imagine the adventures, but the rest? I would have gone to that party. Then again, I also have my days that I just want to lie and say no thank you. So I guess I could understand it. I did love that his friends/fellow dogs/cats/animals tried their best to see if he was up to anything.

I didn’t expect that to be the reason for him not being in the mood. I guess it fits, but I kinda would have just liked him to be well, not bothered because he cannot be bothered, if that makes sense. Now it suddenly got quite heavy and that kind of ruined, for me at least, the funniness of the book. I am happy with his friends though and I did like that they were there for him, but yeah.

The art though, I really love how our cat is all black/white, but everyone else and the surroundings is in full colour. I guess now we know the real reason that it is because of that.

All in all, still a fun book, I am happy I read it. Just wished it had ended on either the same note (he couldn’t be bothered) or less heavy.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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