Review for The Witch’s Wings and Other Terrifying Tales

Review for The Witch’s Wings and Other Terrifying Tales

The Witch's Wings and Other Terrifying Tales by Tehlor Kay MejiA terrifying and delightful graphic novel full of nostalgia and scary stories!

I really really loved the Are You Afraid of the Dark series (the OG one, haven’t seen the new one) so I am excited that we are getting new materials. We had a novel so far already and now a graphic novel series and BOY I am hyped! Oh, and a big thank you to my hubby for gifting me this one for my birthday!!

In this one our group of teens is startled with a new arrival, a girl who really wants to be part of the group, but will she be allowed in? Well, she got 3 spooky tales to tell her new friends and she is READY for it! Ready to scare the wits out of them (and well, the reader as well, haha).

First up is the story named: The Tale of Witch’s Wings. What happens when a bully gets a lot more karma than he can handle? Yes, I know, the boy has a tough life, with a horrible dad and barely any food to survive, but that doesn’t excuse him from being an absolute bully all the time. So yeah, when the witch started targeting him? Things got real spooky? I have to say that I had a hard time finding some sympathy for him. I was just hoping that if he survived this that he would get that he needed to change his ways. I found a particular favourite in the older lady next door who loved tele-romance stuff and seemed so grumpy but was actually quite kind. And things really got spooky and at times a bit scary. I loved that we got some backstory on the witch and why she is so pissed, and frankly, I don’t blame the older woman. OK, maybe it was a tad much, but seriously, if someone did all that? I would probably also return as a vengeful hungry ghost witch. It was a really good first story by the girl and I enjoyed it!

Up next is a story that is mostly sad with a dash of OH HECK no when a girl decides to run away and gets on a bus with ghosts. Yep. Don’t look back! Never look back! It was a spooky tale, but as I said it was also sad because of the situation the girl was in (her parents were constantly arguing and making remarks) and finding out what happened to the people in the bus. I loved that despite it being a very scary situation (I mean, do you want to go back to a bus full of ghosts?) she was trying her best to find out what happened and how to help these ghosts out. OK, I have to say I was SO pissed when she cut out that photograph from an OLD newspaper from the library, I get why she needed it but I would have rather have her make a copy in some way instead of just cutting it out, so disrespectful. . It got very hairy at times and a dash scary and I loved every bit of this. And yes, I may have cried a bit.

And the last story was by far my favourite! Namely what happens when you find a stray on a roadtrip? Do you take it home with you? This got really scary and spooky fast and I just loved every bit of it. I was just NOPING so much at many parts. Lesson of the story, don’t pick up strays! You never know what you may bring home with you! I loved the ending, especially when it also went back into real life, aka with the teens around the campfire. That was just a-plus.

I also really loved the art in this one. In terms of ranking, Story #2 was my favourite, followed by Story #1, and then lastly Story #3.

Oh, and I liked that between the stories we saw the campfire, heard what the kids thought about the stories + more.

All in all, I just hope that there will be more of these because I need more spooky stories in my life! And I should really see if I can find the older TV series for some more nostalgia!

Star rating, 5 stars

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