Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-3-2024

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-3-2024

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR! I hope everyone is having a good Sunday/weekend.

This week, well it was a lot. Last week, late in the evening on Sunday Mimi started to not go well and we thought he was dying, he was, but clearly didn’t want to go, so on Monday morning we visited the vet. It was already hard to see him pass, but to see him not want to go and come back and have to get a shot? It was heartbreaking. We had to call the crematorium (for pets) and leave him there (more sadness). On Friday we could pick him up again in a beautiful blue pyramid urn. So yeah, that was bad. But my dad, who I visited on Friday, wasn’t doing that well either. He was really distant, at first quite angry/grumpy and he wasn’t sure if he wanted me there and I was worried he didn’t remember me, but in the end we did have a chat, but it was just so chaotic and even more of a rollercoaster, it doesn’t help that he keeps on coming back to the same topics, if those topics were about things he liked I wouldn’t have minded, but it is a lot about my mom/his wife (who he doesn’t always remember) or his ex (who I don’t know because that is before my time). I did try to divert his attention, but yeah. Oh, and my eczema decided that this week was the prime week to come back in force and ouch. 😐 So, it wasn’t an easy week and I hope that next week is just a bit more happy.
There were some light points (yes, I try to think of those as well, though it isn’t easy). On Saturday I visited Library #3 and there was a photoshoot for dogs at the local garden centre (we got such a gorgeous photograph). I got some yummy easter treats. And I treated myself to some cute new items + snacks (I found a store that sold some amazingly cute merch, including We Bare Bears and the new Care Bears). My hubby got me two mini plants + some flowers + bought us delicious dinner when I was really not in the right space (he is so sweet).
Reading-wise, well that part of the week went well. I read manga, books from my stack, arcs, books not from the stack. It was quite a nice week. I really needed to just tune out and books really helped!

What did I read from my TBR? Horror Collector (OMG SO GOODDDDD!), Leven met de dood (interesting read), Teh World of Worm Colours (so fun and I love seeing what Worm got for the party), Tamar Bot’s book (OK read with some interesting/fun bits), Cadeautje voor mezelf (I expected more humour/more buyers doing x or y, still an OK read), Het hondenteam (so cute and I love reading how it all started), Hongerig Papier (a good and exciting graphic novel), De Dingen die we beschermen (sex scenes were, due to writing things, not my thing, but I loved the rest).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Ik mis je van (boring), Deze autist… (started strong but then was all over the place).

Here is a new stack with some new physical books, new Library #3 books, and left-overs from Library #1, #4. I am very excited about all of these and I cannot wait to read them. I will probably try to take it easy this new week after all that happened. I can use some chill moments.

Thank you all for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful week + weekend. Let me know in the comments what you think of my stack + what looks good, and as always I am curious what everyone’s plans are for the upcoming week!

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