Blog Tour ~ The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard ~ Spotlight

Blog Tour ~ The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard ~ Spotlight

Hey everyone!

The Last Boyfriend Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard, Pink cover with a boy on it, LGBT, Romance, Young Adult

Welcome to the queer and fabulous Blog Tour for The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard! Rebellion! Small Town! LGBT! Revengeeeee! And I am happy I can promote this book to you all today with a fun spotlight post~

Let’s get ready.

The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard, Rainbow cover with 3 guys on various letters in the title, LGBT, Queer, Small TownA queer coming-of-age debut about three teenage boys in small town Alabama who set out to get revenge on their ex-boyfriends and end up starting a student rebellion.

Ezra Hayes has always felt like a background character compared to BFFs Lucas and Finley. He would do anything to be seen as a romantic lead, even if it means keeping a secret summer boyfriend, Presley. But when he discovers that Presley is a lying cheater, and his best friends are having boy problems of their own, they want revenge.

Their plans to get even involve sabotaging the largest party of the year, entering a drag competition, and having Ezra run against his ex for Winter Formal King. Then the school district starts to actively censor queer voices with their Watch What You Say initiative. Taking to TikTok to vent frustrations, Ezra begins “The Last Boyfriends Student Rebellion.”

Between ex-boyfriend drama and navigating viral TikTok fame, Ezra realizes this rebellion is about something more important than revenge. It’s a battle cry to fight back against outdated opinions and redefine what it means to be queer in a small town.

Content Warning: homophobia, fatphobia, relationship abuse

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About the author:

Matthew HubbardMatthew Hubbard writes stories he wished he could’ve read as a teen in small town Alabama: stories with strong, queer protagonists finding their place to belong in this world. He grew up on a mountaintop farm and knows more than he is willing to admit about small towns. He studied marketing, English, and psychology in college and has spent a majority of his life speaking up to make a difference for nonprofit organizations. When he isn’t writing, Matthew can be found on a hike to witness breathtaking views, reading as many books as he can get his hands on, and cheering for his favorite hockey team. He lives in Chattanooga with his husband and their two dogs (Frito Layla and Phillip) and cat (Jay Gatsby).

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