Library Haul ~ 13-4-2024 (Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 13-4-2024 (Library #3)

Afternoon all!

A happy welcome to a new Library Haul post! Today I am sharing all my fab releases from yesterday’s Library #3 haul!

And what a haul it was! I quickly found 3 big chonkers and completed my workout after carrying those (and all the others I found) throughout the library, haha. I had a lot of fun though even with all the weight. XD I am so delighted to find 2 more graphic novels and two Dutch YA books that I REALLY REALLY wanted to have for a while, EEEP! Plus, of course, I got some new romance books and I am hyped, one is by an author I recently discovered and this is another of her series + I found a new romance book by one of my favourite authors!

I cannot wait to start reading these. Or well, I already read one of them, the Ik Blijf Hier graphic novel as it was just calling too hard and I couldn’t resist.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
De survivalgids voor Puppy Parents by Ellen van Hoorn
The Only One by Riley Sager
Misser onder de mistletoe by Lily Frank
Vleugellam by Suzanne van Bilderbeek
Chaos&Structure by Marielle Brouwer
Meisje.Vermist.Gevonden by Stefanie Sybens
To Lie For by Chinouk Thijssen
Ik blijf hier by Lewis Trondheim
De juffrouw by Yves Lavandier
De Librije: Het recept by Joël Broekalert, Gijs Dragt
Onderweg by Ad van Denderen
Andy Warhol 7 illustrated books by Reuel Golden, Andy Warhol

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    1. Haha, yeah! I definitely did~ Thank you, and they will definitely do that. I cannot WAIT to read this week, I am planning on taking it easy~

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