Review for Dragon on the Loose

Review for Dragon on the Loose

Dragon on the Loose by Marty Chan, Grace Chen, Two kids looking at a dragon, adventure, family, heart, children's booksI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This was just oodles of fun! Full of family, heart, warmth, magic, and adventure! I am very happy that I decided to request this one when I saw it up on Netgalley!

In this gorgeous book we meet friends Hailey and Kyle! On one day, before the Chinese Lion Statues (and dragons) are removed they make a wish. And what happens? Well, check the cover! The dragon lives! The dragon is alive! And so begins a fun adventure filled with chewy worms (the dragon loves the yellow/lemon ones) and a trip through the city. But the adventure goes south when some overreactive woman sees Zhu as a dog/coyote and immediate goes in panic mode and calls animal control. I felt for Zhu, she just wants to have fun, she is scared and is just looking to see what the world has become and then wants to go home. Instead there is panic and a flight through town to find safety.

The characters, Kyle and Hailey are both lovely characters. Brave. Fun. Sweet. I loved that next to the dragon we also see Hailey and her late grandfather’s relationship. The things he learned her. The fun things they did. We see that Hailey is still mourning the loss of her grandfather.

And Zhu the dragon was such a sweetie and I loved learning more about her powers (water/weather control), about where she came from, about other dragons, and see her totally get hyped over yummy snacks, haha.

I was proud of the kids and what plans they made when things went south. How Hailey thought of something awesome and how both kids were fully going for it. Hoping to help out Zhu!

The illustrations by Grace Chen were a lot of fun. I love the designs for the kids and Zhu~

I was mostly just pissed at everyone who went so panicky over the fact that two kids and a coyote were walking around. I was surprised that most people even knew it was a coyote. Haha. I get it is a coyote, but come on people. It just felt way over the top. Maybe it had worked if it was another animal, something bigger, more hungry.

All in all, a book full of heart and one I would recommend.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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