Review for Horror Collector, Vol. 2: The Cursed Game of Tag

Review for Horror Collector, Vol. 2: The Cursed Game of Tag

Horror Collector, Vol. 2 The Cursed Game of Tag by Midori Sato, Norio Tsuruta, Yon, Blue cover with a boy and a girl and magical things happening, horror, short storiesThe second volume in this delightful horror series, new urban legends, mystery, and more! EEP!

The first volume I got as an ARC, but this one? I had to get it myself and I will be getting the next books as well. Because I just LOVE this series so much. It is spooky, it features urban legends, and I love how there is also an overarching plotline to tie it all together!

In this one we get 6 new urban legends! Starting off with a game that I don’t know, but then again I am not in school anymore so haha who knows maybe it is popular there, it is named The Charlie Charlie Challenge and just like things like Ouija boards and the likes, you summon something. Ask questions. And then hope that things don’t follow you home. It got quite a bit scary but the ending? That was the best part. This story really set the tone for the rest of the stories which include a strange/scary lady taking away people to a blog that becomes dangerous if you write someone’s name to a golden payphone… but does it really give you what you want? I really enjoyed each and every of the stories and I loved finding some new urban legends that I should really find out more about. It is really interesting how many urban legends there are, so I am definitely curious what the next volumes will bring us. And I love how some are more mellow and how others are more like, well, you are screwed now. Good luck.

And then there is the overarching plotline of Fushigi who is searching for Himitsu (really, who thought of those names it just makes me laugh each time). I am wondering if these are their aliases or if a parent really had a chuckle when naming them. But back to the overarching plotline! This time we really get to see Himitsu + in another story she is also present. It makes me happy, but also curious. Not just on why she left and why she is meddling/changing urban legends, but also why she is faceless and if Fushigi will ever find her or not.

Fushigi isn’t always my favourite character because he is just a bit too determined to go after his sister and seems to just not always care about people who were affected by his sister’s shenanigans, but I am happy that he always seems to at least try to help even if he clearly doesn’t want to. Like with the story of the boy who was dragged by that scary/strange lady.

Oh, and Fushigi now has a new “friend”? I am curious to how that one will work out in the next volumes!

And like the previous book this one is also full of illustrations and they make me happy because they can just make things a bit more strange/fun/interesting!

All in all, I would highly recommend this spooky series to all! If you love urban legends then this is your jam~

Star rating, 5 stars

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