Review for How do Meerkats Order Pizza?

Review for How do Meerkats Order Pizza?

How Do Meerkats Order Pizza by Brooke Barker, Yellow cover with all sorts of cute animals on it, non-fiction, research, funny, children's booksThis was just OODLES of fun! Animal facts + fun illustrations!

I just love a good animal non-fiction book and if it is illustrated like this one is? Sign me up completely! In this delightful fun book we meet various animals from gars to bonobos to crows to meerkats (yes the cuties on the cover) and read about various researchers who studied these animals and what they learned. Like crows can remember faces. Or how dogs can recognise emotions. Or roosters and how they always seem to know when to wake everyone up. I really had a lot of fun reading this one and while there were things that I knew already there were also plenty of facts I didn’t know yet! And I love it when that happens. Oh, and it made me want to check out these researchers. So far, as of writing this in Feb I haven’t done so, but I hope to do it soon. I want to learn more about these researchers and their research + if they have done more.

I loved the diversity of animals. Not just going for the more famous ones but also feature gars and macaques.

Oh, and the chapter about the lizards had me in stitches. The horse REALLY wanted to be featured!

I love that each chapter/new part has the animals we met before. OK, some are popping in and out, but some are just there to stay and they made me smile and laugh. Their comments on researchers or their research were just so fun.

The illustrations were just so fun and I loved the style! They made me laugh, smile, and enjoy the book a great deal.

I think what I would have liked is page numbers and that you can just go to that specific animal instantly. Now you had to either flip or read the whole book. Which isn’t bad, but for a re-read I would just love to visit a specific animal and the research with it.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to all. This was just so fun and the illustrations made it even more fun.

Star rating, 5 stars

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