Review for Rainbow! Vol. 1

Review for Rainbow! Vol. 1

Rainbow! Volume 1 by Sunny + Gloomy, Girl blushing with a boy next to her, graphic novel, young adult, imaginationA graphic novel I was highly looking forward to.. but in the end I just had some issues with.

This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2024, but after reading it I am still not sure if I liked it.

For me I guess, let’s just start with the negatives, if the whole delusions/imaginations/fantasies of Boo had lessened to being only here and there. Because at times I was just waiting for the twist to drop that actually the delusions/fantasies/imaginations were the real world. And it didn’t happen let me tell you. I get and understand wanting to hide because your life sucks, but it was just a bit too much at this point, not to mention this is a girl of almost 18 years old, not a kid anymore, and it really threw me out of the story for a lot of the time. She kept imagining butterflies stealing things? She thought she was riding a horse and carriage? When she snuck in someone’s house to get her mom she thought she was a detective. And then with her crush she thought there were monsters and she was everywhere? I mean, I was just so confused.

Plus, while I did get why Boo didn’t tell anyone I just wanted her to tell someone. Anyone at this point. But for all of the book she avoids questions, just burns out, gets highly stressed, and other things. I just wanted her to confide in someone. To talk to someone. It just frustrated me and I just wanted to see this at least resolved. I do hope that in the next book she confides, but I am not sure if I will be reading the next book or if I will be checking out the series on Tapas because books aren’t cheap and I just don’t want to donate another expensive book.

The ending was just WAY too abrupt. I get it. This is a first volume, but I just wish it stopped at a different point. I even went to Tapas to read more because I was unsatisfied and not happy with the ending.

There were also plenty of things I did like. I liked that the author didn’t shy away from telling us what Boo’s real home situation was and let us see all the dark bits. Boo’s mom? She is deep into alcohol, doesn’t seem to mind the occasional drugs, there is one point that things go really dark and after that I so wanted to punch the mom even more for doing all that to her daughter and treating her like this. WTF. Dear mom, if you want to be treated as an adult, step up and take responsibility.

I loved Mimi and also see Boo and her get closer and closer. I loved that Mimi was able to confide in Boo about her mom/family situations and also gave Boo all the time because she could see that it wasn’t easy for Boo. I cannot wait to see these two get even closer and maybe go into a relationship, I would love that so much. These two are adorable.

Also extra bonus points to Boo’s boss who was just A-plus and gave Boo all the chances, tried to help her, talk to her. She was just so sweet and I love all she does for her employees.

The art was also super gorgeous and I love the style, the colours, everything.

All in all, despite some issues and this book sadly going on the donate stack, I still am happy I read this one.

Star rating, 3 stars

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